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Afternoon Update: Season ticket surprise plus Chhetri news

Quiet update day today, currently overdosing on college basketball. But, there was a momentary distraction when the Fed Ex guy delivered my Wizards season tickets. Season ticket day is always exciting, but imagine my shock when I flip to the ticket "special game B." Apparently, we're gonna open the new stadium with a game against Manchester United.*

*Okay, it's more likely that that was just the team the illustrators actually knew. But a dude can hope right?

There's also some news (none of it official) on striker Sunil Chhetri. DNA India interviewed assistant coach Kerry Zavagnin:

"Sunil trained with us for about 10 days in Phoenix and I have to say that we are really impressed with him. He had this immediate impact on all of us the moment he entered the field," said Wizards' assistant coach Kerry Zavagnin, who was present during Chetri's trials."We've reshaped our roster. We wanted to adopt dynamic, attacking style of play. Sunil has few qualities that other strikers don't. We hope he gets along with others in the squad," Zavagnin told DNA.

I wouldn't go adjusting your predictions for starting striker tandem (I'm thinking Wolff/Kamara or Arnaud/Wolff), but it appears Chhetri was rather impressive. You can read the whole interview