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03-17-2010 | Extra Time: All the news that's left

Wrapping up a days worth of news, links, rumors and rampant speculation. Hillcrest Road *Due to a pronounced disinterest in saying things correctly, I tend to call them ACL St. Louis in conversation. Let's hope there are no ACL injuries or I might feel like Jacob from Lost touched me and now I'm cursed. The Full 90
8. Jimmy Neilsen [sic] (Kansas City Wizards): The Wizards are going to be very interesting to watch early on this year. For one we'll all need name tags on the players for a few weeks until we know who all these new guys are. Nielsen is one of those new guys, one that definitely got plenty of talk when he signed a while back. Neilsen [sic] takes over for the departed Kevin Hartman, who's now in Dallas.Neilsen [sic] is being brought in to smooth out a defense that was not so smooth in 2009. He's known as a guy that controls his box very tightly and can organize any defense. If he gets this bunch organized and collected right in 2010 the Wizard's could have a nice turn around.
Nielsen, WV Hooligan
Hillcrest Road

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