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MLS Players Union prepare to strike on Monday

I wish I had better news to report on today, but, sadly, it's looking more likely that this Saturday's friendly against AC St. Louis might be our best chance to see the Wizards in action. According to

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The Players Union is preparing its members for a strike on Monday if a new CBA cannot be agreed to in the current negotiations, which are being overseen by a federal mediator. Sources confirmed the strike preparations to SBI on Wednesday. A Monday strike would come four days before the 2010 MLS season is supposed to kick off in Seattle with the Sounders facing expansion side Philadelphia Union.

A journalist friend of mine feels that a strike would be a sign of the Major League Soccer's growth (a teenage rebellion if you will). I agree with that sentiment. But the timing couldn't be more horrible. With so much momentum building (the upcoming World Cup and the glut of TV coverage on Fox Soccer, Fox Soccer Plus and ESPN) the MLS can't afford to miss the boat.