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Chiefs’ scout-team players receive shout out from Andy Reid

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.
Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.

Anyone who has played organized football can tell you that scout-team duty is often thankless work.

You’re running your opponents’ plays against your first-string offense or defense, and you’re charged with “giving them a good look,” though the squads are not evenly matched.

That said, Chiefs coach Andy Reid went out of his way Wednesday to praise his backups for putting in good work against the starters over the last few days.

“I always like to give an extra shout out to our scout team for giving the looks we need so our offense can execute their plays,” Reid said. “It’s an opportunity for us to look at things that our defense and offense doesn’t run, but we’ll see during the season from other teams. Whether its coverages, fronts, or routes, it gives you an opportunity to work on those things.”

Reid was later asked if the scout teams are currently running the plays the Chiefs’ division opponents like to run.

“We’re going to play teams that are Cover Two,” Reid said. “We’ll take the time to practice going against those formations that we’ll see down the road. Or we can work different situations like an ‘all screen’ period where we work on different screen plays. We’ve got a little freedom to work on different looks with the scout team.”