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The Star’s NFL Draft Tracker: Rounds two and three complete, Chiefs make two picks

Follow the NFL Draft’s second- and third-round selections here. Evaluations and player analyses come from The Star’s Chiefs/NFL beat writer, Terez A. Paylor.

Round 2

32. Cleveland Browns: EMMANUEL OGBAH, DE, Oklahoma State

Measurables: 6-4, 273, 23, 4.63

Bio: Two-year starter who had 64 tackles (17.5 for loss), 13 sacks and 19 hurries in 13 games in 2015. Also had zero interceptions and four pass deflections. Declared after redshirt junior season.

Consensus: Great athlete; posted a good 40-time, vertical (35 1/2 inches) and broad jump (121 inches). Also has excellent length (35.5-inch arms). Really looks the part; strong base, great size. Was super-productive in college. Has very good play strength; can hold his own at the point of attack. Gives good effort. Has shown the ability to reduce down and rush from a three-technique. Mainly rushed from a three-point stance. Flashes a good burst when he lets it loose upfield.

33. Tennessee Titans: KEVIN DODD, DE, Clemson

Measurables: 6-5, 277, 24, 4.86

Bio: One-year starter who had 62 tackles (23.5 for loss), 12 sacks, six hurries in 15 games in 2015.

Consensus: Has good length (34 inches), along with good athleticism and overall play strength. Shows very good burst out of a three-point stance — is quick off the ball and can hold up at the point of attack. Slippery when shooting through gaps. Was a destructive force during the College Football Playoff. Can play the three- or five-technique. Could also moonlight a little at outside linebacker; has experience in a two-point stance. Only a starter for one year but played on a deep defensive line his first three years and was productive in a backup role. Plays with very good effort and hustle. Shows a nifty rip move off the edge and adequate bend around the corner.

34. Dallas Cowboys: JAYLON SMITH, OLB, Notre Dame

Measurables: 6-2, 223, 21, N/A

Bio: Three-year starter who had 114 tackles (nine for loss), one sack and six hurries in 13 games in 2015. Also had zero interceptions and five pass deflections. Declared after true junior season.

Consensus: Is young for a prospect; he turns 21 in June. Has a nice combination of size, bulk and athleticism. Has above-average closing speed with good range. Instincts are above average — seems to understand football concepts and will attack the football once he’s processed it. Can make plays behind the line of scrimmage when he trusts his eyes. Will occasionally line up in space and shows good instincts in the passing game. Can be overwhelmed in the phone booth against the run, but is generally willing to take on the contact and flashes the ability to stack and shed. Flashes the ability to sift through the trash. Will occasionally rush off the edge as a pass rusher but doesn’t show any pass-rush moves. Plays hard and gives good effort. Will likely have to redshirt in 2016 as he recovers from a significant leg injury sustained in the bowl game.

35. San Diego Chargers: HUNTER HENRY, TE, Arkansas

Measurables: 6-5, 250, 22, 4.66

Bio: Three-year starter who caught 51 passes for 739 yards and three touchdowns in 2015. Declared after true junior season.

Consensus: Did not run or work out at the combine, other than the bench press (13 reps). Posted his 40-time at his pro day. Experienced, productive player with experience in a pro-style system. Has experienced as an attached tight end. Has plus athleticism and good agility. Shows good burst off the line of scrimmage and out of his cuts. Should be able to threaten the seam; has shown the ability to track the ball and make the tough catch. Smooth route runner. Willing blocker; has the quickness to get to the second level. Is not overpowering and could stand to add strength. Has all the tools to be a very good NFL tight end.

36. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Baltimore Ravens): MYLES JACK, RB, UCLA

Measurables: 6-1, 245, 21, N/A

Bio: Three-year starter who had 15 tackles (zero for loss) and zero sacks in three games in 2015. Also had one interception and two pass deflections. Declared after his true junior season, which was shortened after three games by a season-ending knee injury.

Consensus: Is young for a prospect; he doesn’t turn 21 until September. Former running back with outstanding athleticism. Does not possess ideal size but plays fast; flies to the football and covers lots of ground against the run and in coverage. Jack-of-all-trades defender who can turn and run with tight ends and running backs with ease. Can even match up with some receivers; even lined up at nickel corner on some occasions. Has great feet for a linebacker. Is comfortable in space. Willing tackler who will strike you and packs a punch at the point of attack. Is occasionally used as an edge rusher, where he lacks size and feel but flashes excellent burst. There is reportedly some long-term concern about his knee, but those reports might be overblown.

37. Chiefs (from San Francisco): CHRIS JONES, DT, Mississippi State

Measurables: 6-6, 310, 5.03

Bio: One-year starter who had 44 tackles (7.5 for loss), 2.5 sacks and five hurries in 13 games in 2015. Declared after true junior season.

Consensus: Great size, length (34.5-inch arms) and big hands (10 3/4 inches). Super combination of size and athleticism. Physically imposing frame; enormous lower body. Has the size to hold up vs. doubles. Has some pop in his hands; can jar offensive lineman backwards. Needs to be more consistent firing low out of his stance. Sack production is lacking, but he flashes quickness and strength, plus powerful hands. The physical traits are there to become a good pass rusher with proper coaching.

38. Miami Dolphins (from Ravens through Jaguars): XAVIER HOWARD, CB, Baylor

Measurables: 6-0, 201, 23, 4.58

Bio: Two-year starter who had 42 tackles, five interceptions and 10 pass deflections in 13 games in 2015. Declared after redshirt junior season.

Consensus: Big, press-man corner with good-enough athleticism and solid production. Has good feet and good bulk. Long speed is a bit of a concern (Oklahoma game in ’15). Technique is inconsistent; is very up and down. Struggles to find the ball in the air at times (North Carolina bowl game). Struggled to catch the ball at the Combine. The tools are here to be a starting-caliber NFL outside corner but he would be best served by going to a press-heavy team with good coaches.

39. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: NOAH SPENCE, LB, Eastern Kentucky

Measurables: 6-2, 251, 22, 4.80

Bio: Two-year starter who had 63 tackles (22.5 for loss), 11.5 sacks and 15 hurries in 11 games in 2015. Had some off-field issues; was dismissed from Ohio State for failing two drug tests.

Consensus: Posted an impressive 121-inch broad jump. Strong, compact frame but doesn’t have great overall size. Has some burst off the edge. Has some burst off the ball. Flashes the ability to bend the corner, but needs to be more consistent. Hustles in pursuit. Can be overpowered by bigger tackles. Spent most of his time rushing in a three-point stance. Shows a spin move but needs to keep refining his pass-rush repertoire. Probably was a first-round talent but teams dug into his character because of his dismissal from Ohio State.

40. New York Giants: STERLING SHEPHARD, WR, Oklahoma

Consensus: Has great stop-and-start quickness. Should be another great piece in the Giants’ offense opposite ODB. Runs a crisp route and has clutch hands in key situations. Mental makeup is regarded as extremely strong. New Yorkers might have a new favorite player. Follows dad’s footsteps into the NFL.

41. Buffalo Bills (from Chicago Bears: REGGIE RAGLAND, ILB, Alabama

Measurables: 6-1, 247, 23, 4.72

Bio: Two-year starter who had 102 tackles (6.5 for loss), six quarterback hurries and 2.5 sacks in 15 games in 2015. Also had zero interceptions and seven pass deflections.

Consensus: Smart, productive player who has the look of an old-school inside linebacker. Has the bulk to hold up in the box and at the point of attack against offensive linemen in the running game. Uses his hands well. Long speed isn’t great but he shuffles his feet well and shows good short-area quickness and burst. Packs a punch as a tackler. Has good instincts; plays the game with his eyes. Does a nice job sifting through trash against the run. Occasionally lined up as an edge rusher in a three-point stance. Leader who reportedly has good football character. Lost 12 pounds from the Senior Bowl to the Combine; will need to keep his weight in check.

42. Baltimore Ravens (from Miami Dolphins): KAMALEI CORREA, OLB, Boise State

Measurables: 6-3, 243, 4.69

Bio: Two-year starter who had 39 tackles (11 for loss), seven sacks and three hurries in 13 games in 2015. Declared for the draft after his true junior season.

Consensus: Posted a very good 40-yard dash time but isn’t a twitchy athlete. “Cowboy” who plays with tremendous intensity. One-speed rusher with a nice closing burst and decent get-off. Has experience in two-point and three-point stances. Also has some experience dropping into zone coverages; shows decent feet and awareness. Tries to incorporate different pass-rush moves, including a spin, but needs to refine them. Occasionally has trouble disengaging against the run.

43. Tennessee Titans (from L.A.): AUSTIN JOHNSON, DT, Penn State

44. Oakland Raiders: JIHAD WARD, DE, Illinois

Consensus: Was academically ineligible out of high school in Philly. Started at a small school, worked his way to Illinois, where he shined. Adds another piece to increasingly formidable Raiders defense.

45. Tennessee Titans (from L.A.): DERRICK HENRY, RB, Alabama

Measurables: 6-3, 247, 22, 4.54

Bio: One-year starter who rushed 395 times for 2,219 yards and 28 touchdowns in 15 games in 2015. Also caught 11 passes for 91 yards and zero touchdowns. Declared after true junior season.

Consensus: The 2015 Heisman Trophy winner is an enormous back who punishes defensive backs but appears to be most comfortable running outside and could be suited for a one-cut, zone running scheme. Has good athleticism; posted a good vertical (37 inches) and broad jump (130 inches). Answered questions about his timed speed with a solid combine 40. Also entered with questions about his hands. Shouldered a very heavy load for the Crimson Tide in 2015, logging 406 touches.

46. Detroit Lions: A’SHAWN ROBINSON, DE, Alabama

Measurables: 6-4, 307, 21, 5.20

Bio: Two-year starter who had 46 tackles (7.5 for loss), 3.5 sacks and 10 hurries in 15 games in 2015. Declared after true junior season.

Consensus: Is young for a prospect. Tremendous combination of size and power. Has the look of a five-technique defensive end in a 3-4 scheme; has the length and strength to hold up at the point of attack. Is not moved easily; very stout and has some pop in his hands. Still developing as a pass rusher; needs to get a feel for it. Decent burst off the snap. Has the tools to be a good football player.

47. New Orleans Saints: MICHAEL THOMAS, WR, Ohio State

Measurables: 6-3, 212, 23, 4.57

Bio: Two-year starter who caught 56 passes for 781 yards and nine touchdowns in 2015. Is the nephew of former Jets and Bucs star receiver Keshawn Johnson. Declared after true junior season.

Consensus: Had a formal interview with the Chiefs at the NFL combine. Big body with big hands (10.5 inches). Posted 18 reps on the bench press. Nice combination of size, strength and overall athleticism. Not an elite athlete but finds a way to create separation. Flashes the ability to be a good route runner. Flashes the ability to make the tough catch over the middle and win 50/50 balls. Could give more consistent effort as a blocker.

48. Green Bay Packers (from Indianapolis): JASON SPRIGGS, T, Indiana

Measurables: 6-6, 301, 22, 4.94

Bio: Four-year starter who played in 48 career games. Recorded 79 knockdowns in a team-high 1,074 snaps in 2015. Started as a true freshman.

Consensus: Combine warrior who killed it while showing off his athleticism; posted great marks in the 40, bench press (31 reps), broad jump (115 inches) and 20-yard shuttle (4.44). Experienced player who is fairly light on his feet in pass protection; has a good pass set when he doesn’t play too high. Also is effective at getting out in the open field and leading the way. Doesn’t dominate on down blocks or double teams. Does some catching as a run blocker; doesn’t consistently drive defenders off the ball. Needs to gain strength, but his nice combination of athleticism and size should get him drafted fairly early in a pass-first league.

49. Seattle Seahawks (from Chicago Bears through Buffalo): JARRAN REED, DT, Alabama

Measurables: 6-3, 307, 23, 5.21

Bio: Two-year starter who had 57 tackles (4.5 for loss), 3.5 sacks and eight hurries in 15 games in 2015. Junior college transfer.

Consensus: Very consistent. Strong, powerful player who can stuff the run. Has the power to take on a double team. Looks like a starting-caliber interior lineman in a 3-4 scheme, perhaps as a five-technique or nose. Not much pass-rush production; needs to get a feel for his pass-rush moves and do a better job with his hands. Flashes the ability to do it, though; unleashed a beautiful swim move against Tennessee. Doesn’t have great burst off the snap; sometimes stands straight up. Generally plays with good effort, though his backside pursuit can be inconsistent.

50. Houston Texans (from Atlanta Falcons): NICK MARTIN, C, Notre Dame

Measurables: 6-4, 299, 23, 5.22

Bio: Two-year starter who played in 37 career games. Team captain. Started at left guard for 10 games and center for three in 2015. Older brother is Dallas guard Zack Martin.

Consensus: Good-sized center who plays with leverage in pass protection. Knee-bender who works well on doubles. Has anchor strength and strong hands in pass protection. A bit slow footed in space, which might have had to do with an ankle injury he played through in 2015; might fit best in a gap blocking scheme. Reportedly has very good football character.

51. New York Jets: CHRISTIAN HACKENBERG, QB, Penn State

Measurables: 6-4, 223, 21, 4.78

Bio: Three-year starter who completed 192 of 359 passes (53.5 percent) for 2,525 yards, 16 touchdowns and six interceptions in 2015. Rushed 66 times for minus-80 yards and two touchdowns. Declared after true junior season.

Consensus: Is young for a prospect. Good athlete; better than you’d think. Posted solid 40-yard and three-cone times. Prototype size. Hand size is borderline (9 inches). Very good arm strength. Played in Bill O’Brien’s pro-style system as a freshman. Took a step back after a promising freshman year when O’Brien left to coach the Houston Texans. Struggles with the strike zone; accuracy wavers. Completion percentage is poor. Footwork is inconsistent. Took a beating in his career, was sacked more than 100 times in three years.

52. Atlanta Falcons (from Houston Texans): DEION JONES, LB, Louisiana State

Measurables: 6-1, 222, 22, 4.59

Bio: One-year starter who had 100 tackles (13.5 for loss), five sacks and six hurries in 12 games in 2015. Also had two interceptions and five pass deflections.

Consensus: Excellent athlete with sideline-to-sideline speed and agility. Showed this at the combine with an excellent 40 time. Also has good burst. Has the ability to cover tight ends and be a three-down player. Lacks bulk but fits the mold of the new-age linebacker. Can get overpowered in the phone booth; will have to win with smarts and quicks. Flashes the ability to sift through the trash. Instinctive player. A bit underpowered as a tackler; needs to add strength to finish plays off. Is only a one-year starter.

53. Washington: SU’A CRAVENS, LB, Southern California

Measurables: 6-1, 226, 21, 4.69

Bio: Three-year starter who had 86 tackles (15 for loss), 5.5 sacks and one hurry in 14 games in 2015. Also had two interceptions and eight pass deflections. Declared after true junior season.

Consensus: Is young for a prospect; he turns 21 in July. Spent most of his time at or around the line of scrimmage. Is at his best going forward — has a real burst going upfield and might have some upside as a blitzer, where he times his rushes well and can outquick offensive linemen. Does a nice job timing his leaps to deflect passes in the backfield. Possesses some range against the run and has a good closing burst. Lined up plenty as an edge rusher. Needs to do a better job of shedding against the run but has a surprising amount of pop in his hands for his size. Can be a tad slow to trigger. Sometimes gives inconsistent effort in plays run away from him. Could be a weapon, particularly in nickel. Played some slot corner and has the athleticism to match up on tight ends and some receivers.

54. Minnesota Vikings: MACKENSIE ALEXANDER, CB, Clemson

Measurables: 5-10, 190, 23, 4.41

Bio: Two-year starter who had 23 tackles, zero interceptions, five pass breakups and five pass deflections in 14 games in 2015. Declared after redshirt sophomore season.

Consensus: Superior athleticism. Is field-fast with very good quickness and anticipation. Forty-time comes from his Pro Day, did not run at the Combine. Willing tackler but is small and needs to get stronger. Would be the first defensive back to go in the first round of the draft with zero career interceptions since 1969. Has also reportedly struggled on the blackboard, showing a lack of understanding when it comes to recognizing defensive concepts. Dealt with hamstring issues in his career.

55. Cincinnati Bengals: TYLER BOYD, WR, Pittsburgh

56. Chicago Bears (from Seattle Seahawks): CODY WHITEHAIR, G, Kansas State

Measurables: 6-4, 301, 24, 5.08

Bio: Four-year starter who started 51 of 52 career games. Started all 13 games at left tackle in 2015.

Consensus: Experienced player who performed well in the three-cone drill (7.32) at the combine and has a high football IQ. College left tackle who projects to guard due to his less-than-ideal length for an NFL tackle. Also started games at guard and right tackle in his career. Has very good feet; is athletic on the the edge in pass protection and is very quick working to the second level, where he can wall off linebackers. Needs to gain anchor strength; can be walked back on bull rushes in pass protection. Showed a surprising lack of strength in the bench press with only 16 reps at the combine. Has the look of a good starter in a zone-heavy running scheme.

57. Indianapolis Colts (from Green Bay): T.J. GREEN, S, Clemson

Measurables: 6-2, 209, 21, 4.34

Bio: One-year starter who had 95 tackles (5.5 for loss), zero interceptions, three pass breakups and three pass deflections in 15 games in 2015. Former wide receiver who moved to defensive back after 2013 season.

Consensus: Had a formal interview with the Chiefs at the NFL combine. Ran a blazing 40 and posted a great broad jump (129 inches). Has excellent arm length (32 inches). Has the height-length-speed part down and is a plus athlete for the position. Is raw and is still training his eyes in pass coverage, so he will require coaching to reach his potential. Occasionally flashes ball skills of a former wide receiver. Is a very willing tackler who isn’t afraid to stick his nose in there — showed no hesitation going after Derrick Henry, Alabama’s super-sized back, but is not a classic downhill thumper. Has worked on the punt coverage team, might be able to contribute there.

58. Pittsburgh Steelers: SEAN DAVIS, DB, Maryland

Measurables: 6-1, 201, 4.46

Bio: Three-year starter who had 70 tackles, three interceptions, three pass breakups and six pass deflections in 12 games in 2015.

Consensus: Top performer in the bench (21 reps) and broad jump (126 inches) but was tight through the hips at the combine. Experienced and versatile; moved to corner in 2015 but might prove to be a better safety in the long run. Still learning how to play the position but offers an attractive combination of size and athleticism. Can drive on the ball when it’s in the air. Solid, willing tackler who throws his body around. Shows a knack for forcing fumbles (five in 2015). Worked as a punt gunner.

59. Tampa Bay Bucs (from Chiefs): ROBERTO AGUAYO, K, Florida State

Measurables: 6-0, 207, 22, N/A

Bio: Three-year starter who made 21 of 26 field goals in 2015 with a long of 51 yards. Converted 49 of 49 extra points. Had 47 touchbacks on 84 kickoffs (55 percent). Declared after redshirt junior season (55 percent).

60. New England (from Arizona): CYRUS JONES, CB, Alabama

61. New Orleans Saints (from New England through Arizona): VONN BELL, S, Ohio State

Measurables: 5-11, 199, 22, 4.51

Bio: Two-year starter who recorded 65 tackles, nine pass breakups, two interceptions and one forced fumble in 13 games in 2015. Did not work out at the combine. Declared after his true junior season.

Consensus: Had a formal interview with the Chiefs at the NFL combine. Posted a solid 40-yard dash time at his pro day; runs well. Has good athleticism for the position, and can cover some ground in coverage. Can play man on certain receivers and tight ends and flashes comfort in zone coverage. Occasionally flashes ball skills. Could stand to give more consistent effort as a tackler, but steps up when necessary. Is not a striker; is a drag-down type. Often finds himself around the ball.

62. Carolina Panthers: JAMES BRADBERRY, CB, Samford

63. Denver Broncos: ADAM GOTSIS, DT, Georgia Tech

Round 3

64. Tennessee Titans: KEVIN BYARD, S, Middle Tennessee State

65. Cleveland Browns: CARL NASSIB, DE, Penn State

66. San Diego Chargers: MAX TUERK, C, Southern California

Measurables: 6-5, 298, 22, N/A

Bio: Four-year starter who played in 38 career games. Suffered a knee injury in October and did not participate in movement drills or most of the testing at the combine. Two-time team captain.

Consensus: Has some position versatility; also started at guard and tackle during his USC career. Good athlete who is quick and agile in space and can punish defenders when pulling. Is quick enough to pull and execute tough blocks. Plays with nastiness; enjoys finishing blockers when he can. Flashes the ability to fire off the ball and can generate movement at the point of attack but really needs to add muscle; gets overpowered at times in the running game and lacks the strength to sustain blocks.

67. Dallas Cowboys: MALIEK COLLINS, DT, Nebraska

68. San Francisco 49ers: WILL REDMOND, CB, Mississippi State

Measurables: 5-11, 182, 23, N/A

Bio: One-year starter who had 25 tackles, two interceptions, one pass breakup and three pass deflections in seven games in 2015. Suffered a torn ACL in October.

Consensus: Arms are probably a little shorter than you’d prefer (30 3/8 inches). Good athleticism and quickness. Combines natural cover skills — he possesses quick feet — with solid instincts. Flashes ball skills but lacks strength and can get outmuscled by bigger receivers. Lack of size is a concern in run support, where he generally tries but can be overpowered.

69. Jacksonville Jaguars: YANNICK NGAKOUE, DT, Maryland

70. Baltimore Ravens: BRONSON KAUFUSI, DE, BYU

71. New York Giants: DARIAN THOMPSON, S, Boise State

Measurables: 6-2, 208, 22, 4.69

Bio: Four-year starter who recorded 65 tackles, nine passes defensed, four pass breakups, five interceptions and two forced fumbles in 12 games in 2015.

Consensus: Has a good feel for the position. Experienced player with tremendous ball production; his 19 career interceptions, broke Eric Weddle’s Mountain West record. Playmaker with ball skills who is always around the football but is a bit tight in the hips. Ran a disappointing 40-time at the combine and lacks explosion as an athlete. Willing, drag-down tackler who occasionally misses some tackles in the open field.

72. Chicago Bears: JONATHAN BULLARD, DL, Florida

Measurables: 6-3, 285, 22, 4.93

Bio: Three-year starter who had 66 tackles (17.5 for loss), 6.5 sacks and six hurries in 14 games in 2015.

Consensus: Good length. Plus athleticism for his size. Plays with power against one man and fires off the ball very quickly, but can be susceptible on doubles and down blocks when he plays too high. Typically wins with quickness. Can reduce inside on passing downs. Plays with good effort. Probably not agile enough to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 but has upside as a five- or three-technique.

73. Miami Dolphins: KENYAN DRAKE, RB, Alabama

74. Chiefs (from Tampa Bay): KEIVARAE RUSSELL, CB, Notre Dame

Measurables: 5-11, 196, 4.44

Consensus: Played left corner at Notre Dame, a spot occupied by Marcus Peters, but Chiefs are confident he’s versatile enough to play on the right side or even inside at nickelback. He’s not as big as Sean Smith, who signed with the Raiders during the offseason, but he’s an explosive athlete. Missed 2014 season with the Fighting Irish after being found guilty of plagiarism but worked his way back in 2015. Started 11 games as a senior, making 60 tackles with two interceptions and four pass breakups before suffering a broken right tibia Nov. 19.

75. Oakland Raiders: SHILIQUE CALHOUN, DE, Michigan State

76. Cleveland (from Tennessee through L.A.): SHON COLEMAN, T, Auburn

77. Carolina (from Cleveland through Philadelphia through Detroit): DARYL WORLEY, CB, WVU

78. New England Patriots (from New Orleans): JOE THUNEY, G, N.C. State

79. Philadelphia Eagles: ISAAC SEUMALO, G, Oregon State

80. Buffalo Bills: ADOLPHUS WASHINGTON, DT, Ohio State

81. Atlanta Falcons: AUSTIN HOOPER, TE, Stanford

Measurables: 6-4, 254, 4.72

Bio: Two-year starter who caught 34 passes for 438 yards and six touchdowns in 2015. Declared after true junior season.

Consensus: Was a top performer in the 40, bench press (19 reps) and three-cone (7.00). Has large, natural hands (10 5/8 ). Has experience in a pro-style system. Good burst off the line of scrimmage with above-average athleticism. Shows some run-after-the-catch quickness. Needs to refine his route-running; sometimes rounds routes off. Occasionally split out wide. Shows the ability to make tough, contested catches (USC ’15). Willing blocker who has the athleticism to get to the second level. Gives good effort as a blocker and has adequate bulk, just needs to jeep getting stronger.

82. Indianapolis Colts: LE’RAVEN CLARK, T, Texas Tech

83. New York Jets: JORDAN JENKINS, OLB, Georgia

Measurables: 6-3, 259, 22, 4.80

Bio: Four-year starter who had 59 tackles (10.5 for loss), 4.5 sacks and 12 hurries in 12 games in 2015.

Consensus: Posted a good vertical jump (36.5 inches). Flashes exceptional burst off the snap, and fires out low. Has good play strength; has enough power to lock out and set the edge. Has rushed out of two- and three-point stances. Has some real pop in his hands. Regular showed toughness by matching up inside against bigger offensive tackles. Does a nice job finding the football. Showed toughness by playing through a groin/hip flexor injury as a senior. Knows how to play the position. Only has 19.5 career sacks in four years, so overall lack of sack production from an edge-rush position is a bit of a concern.

84. Washington: KENDALL FULLER, CB, Virginia Tech

Measurables: 5-11, 187, 21, N/A

Bio: Three-year starter who 54 seven tackles, two interceptions, 15 pass breakups and 17 pass deflections in 13 games in 2014. Only played in three games in 2015 due to a season-ending knee injury. Comes from a long-line of football players; has three older brothers who either are currently in the NFL or have played in the NFL. Declared after true junior season.

Consensus: Is young for a prospect. Has shown ball production in the past with eight career interceptions, so his ball skills are up to snuff. Has a natural feel for the position and has very good instincts for the position but is a little tight in the hips and will occasionally bite on double moves. Lean body who might get outmuscled by bigger receivers in the NFL. Willing tackler who occasionally whiffs in space. Competitive and tough.

85. Houston Texans: BRAXTON MILLER, WR, Ohio State

86. Miami Dolphins (from Minnesota): LEONTE CARROO, WR, Rutgers

87. Cincinnati Bengals: NICK VIGIL, ILB, Utah State

88. Green Bay Packers: KYLER FACKRELL, OLB, Utah State

Measurables: 6-5, 245, 25, 4.72

Bio: Four-year starter who had 82 tackles (15 for loss), four sacks and 12 hurries in 13 games in 2015.

Consensus: Is old for a prospect. Very good length. Is not twitchy; a one-speed pass-rusher who plays with great effort. Has lots of experience lining up in a two-point stance and playing in space. Can cover some ground in zone coverage. Tries to get his hands up in passing lanes. Shows an effective spin move. Will need to prove he can bend the corner against NFL tackles. Needs to get stronger to set the edge at the NFL level, but has the frame to do it. Still honing his eyes. Overcame a season-ending knee injury in 2014. Only has 12 career sacks in four years.

89. Pittsburgh Steelers: JAVON HARGRAVE, DT, South Carolina St.

90. Seattle Seahawks: C.J. PROSISE, RB, Notre Dame

Chiefs, N/A (forfeited pick in tampering punishment)

91. New England Patriots: JACOBY BRISSETT, QB, N.C. State

92. Arizona Cardinals: BRANDON WILLIAMS, CB, Texas A&M

93. Cleveland Browns (from Carolina Panthers): CODY KESSLER, QB, USC

94. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver): NICK VANNETT, TE, Ohio State

95. Detroit Lions (compensatory pick): GRAHAM GLASGOW, C, Michigan

96. New England Patriots (compensatory pick): VINCENT VALENTINE, DT, Nebraska

97. Seattle Seahawks (compensatory pick): REES ODHIAMBO, G, Boise State

98. Denver Broncos (compensatory pick): JUSTIN SIMMONS, FS, Boston College

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