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Chiefs won’t receive any compensatory picks in 2016


The Chiefs will not receive any compensatory draft picks for this year’s draft, the National Football League announced Friday.

According to a news release, the NFL has awarded 33 draft picks to 13 teams based on the result of last year’s free-agency period.

Under the rules for compensatory draft selections, a team losing more or better compensatory free agents than it acquires in the previous year is eligible to receive compensatory draft picks. The number of picks a team receives equals the net loss of compensatory free agents up to a maximum of four.

Last year, the Chiefs lost a key player — center Rodney Hudson to the Oakland Raiders — via a big-money deal, but they basically counteracted the move by signing receiver Jeremy Maclin to a five-year, $55 million contract.

Compensatory picks are positioned within the third through seventh rounds based on the value of the compensatory free agents lost. This is determined by a formula based on salary, playing time and postseason honors that was developed by the NFL Management Council. Not every free agent lost or signed by a club is covered by this formula, however.

The complete list of compensatory picks awarded this year can be found here.