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Chiefs’ Travis Kelce promotes financial literacy during visit to Turner High School

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce talked to before practice on Jan. 13.
Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce talked to before practice on Jan. 13.

On Jan. 19, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce stood in a room full of 50 students at Turner High School and advised them on the importance of being fiscally responsible.

This was about a week before he signed his five-year, $46 million contract extension, and Kelce was promoting a new video game that encourages financial education. After speaking to the students, he giddily played the game with them and spoke afterward about the importance of learning how to manage your money.

“It's been cool — we're trying to come in here and do something different, teach the kids about financial literacy,” Kelce said. “It's a little different coming from an athlete than it is coming from a teacher or a parent. I know how that can be. You hear from your parents everyday.”

The game, which was called Financial Football, pitted two NFL teams against each other on a projection screen, with the outcome of each play dependent on students answering financial questions correctly. Kelce was in attendance along with Kansas State Treasurer Ron Estes for the event, which was sponsored by Commerce Bank and Visa.

“It was fun for me to come out here and relate with the kids and have fun playing the game,” Kelce said,

Kelce even offered them advice, warning them about the time he failed to pay a college cable bill with his college scholarship check, a decision that adversely affected his credit years later.

“My first scholarship check, I didn't know what to do with it and I didn't do very well with it,” Kelce said. “But you live and your learn and you make better decisions from there.”

Turner Principal Alan Penrose said the event went over well with students.

“It went fantastic,” Penrose said.. “If we could do this every day with different businesses, kids would be lining up at the door.”