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Chiefs Blitz: Q&A about Sunday’s 34-14 win over Baltimore

Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters intercepted his second pass of the game late in the fourth quarter against the Ravens on Sunday.
Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters intercepted his second pass of the game late in the fourth quarter against the Ravens on Sunday.

1. How does Marcus Peters really match up in the rookie of the year running? - @tannergadberry

He’s definitely in the mix, and he might have pulled ahead of Buffalo cornerback Ronald Darby with his two-pick day Sunday. Peters has been a transformative presence on a defense that has been among the most opportunistic in the league, and that should mean something when it comes to this award. St. Louis Rams running back Todd Gurley will also get some love, and is a legitimate threat to win the award, too. As an offensive player, he probably has the edge, but Peters’ efforts should not be overlooked.

2. Although Peters gets all the highlight plays, how much do you think it is due to Sean Smith’s great season? - @Sports_Scout

I think that has to something with it. Peters is among the most targeted corners in football, and some of that has to do with the fact Smith doesn’t get beaten often and is having a nice contract season, though his numbers don’t reflect it. If the Chiefs are serious about being Super Bowl contenders in 2016, they need to seriously consider re-signing Smith.

3. Would the Chiefs be better off with the wild card than winning the AFC West? I’d rather play Indy/Hou on road than Den/Pitt/N.Y. at home. - @danloving

I think the wild card is the easier path to a playoff victory. That AFC South team should be ripe for the picking. That said, the power of winning should not be underestimated, and I generally support winning at all costs. As Herm Edwards once said, you play to win the game. So they should obviously keep trying to do that and sort out the rest later.

4. I know the offense is doing fine enough right now, but does it not still seem very conservative at times? Love those WR screens. -@ncstav

That’s fair. The Chiefs’ offense seemed pretty basic in the second half. But that was probably because the Chiefs had a 10-point lead, and Andy Reid didn’t want to make it easier for Baltimore to get back into the game. To mount a comeback, the Ravens were going to need Jimmy Clausen to consistently make some plays against a very solid defense, and Reid took his chances. It worked, like you said, but if the Chiefs want to win a playoff game, they’ll need to show the dynamism they have on offense in past weeks.

5. Do you think the Chiefs will try someone else at PR with Hammond struggling? - @luke_brundage

Frankie Hammond hasn’t helped himself with the fumbles in past weeks and the 10-yard loss on a punt return Sunday, but it’s important to remember that he also had a big gain taken away from him in past weeks, and that the staff must have see something in him to keep trotting him out there. Special-teams coach Dave Toub has said Jeremy Maclin and Albert Wilson can handle the job, but until they lose — or De’Anthony Thomas returns — it’s tough to second-guess many decisions.

The number

50 Sunday marked the fifth game in a row the Chiefs shut out their opponent in the fourth quarter. They currently hold a 50-0 point differential in those games.

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