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Chiefs coach Andy Reid on response to cheap shots: ‘You keep playing’

At least one Chief — tight end Travis Kelce — thought it was a cheap shot when Denver linebacker Von Miller darted around the edge and delivered a vicious shot to the back of Alex Smith well after he delivered the football during Sunday’s loss to the Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium.

Miller was called for a late hit while Smith writhed in obvious pain and Kelce made an obscene gesture with his hand following the play, which he says was directed toward Miller.

“I just found out about that,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said Monday. “Sounds like it was a bit of an immature act. I normally don’t let those things go by, so I’ll address that. I’ve got to see it first. But it sounds like an immature act.”

Kelce wasn’t the only player to respond in some way. Fullback Anthony Sherman seemed to make a beeline toward Miller on the next play — a touchdown pass from Smith to Jamaal Charles — and go after him hard.

Reid was asked if he would have been upset if someone responded to Miller with a cheap shot, in turn. He didn’t want to touch that — “I’m not going there,” he said — but he did respond when asked if football etiquette demanded a on-field response to the late hit.

“Inevitably, you keep playing,” Reid said. “The game is going to continue on. Is it an emotional game? Do things happen and guys’ emotions get involved in that when one of our guys get hit? Yeah. I mean, you see that week in and week out. I mean, it is an emotional game. How you handle that is important.

“So if it’s throwing you out of your game or doing something that’s going to cost you one way or the other, then that’s not the right thing to do.”

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