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Chiefs blitz: The good, the bad and the ugly from Thursday’s loss to Denver

Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters (left) got to the end zone with his interception in the second quarter.
Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters (left) got to the end zone with his interception in the second quarter.


1. So the Chiefs lost again, huh? Will they ever beat Denver?

Given the way this game was set up, it seemed like the Chiefs would win. It was a primetime showdown at home early in the season, and the fans had plenty to feed off of, including Eric Berry making his triumphant return from lymphoma and Derrick Johnson attempting to set the team’s all-time tackle record. Denver prevailed, despite all that.

2. Why does Peyton Manning have the Chiefs’ number?

His 14-1 record against the Chiefs isn’t a fluke ― he’s one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. He’s beaten some good Chiefs teams, too, this one included. He’s not the same guy he was even two years ago, but this is probably a good reminder that it’s rarely a good thing for the underdog when all the pundits pick against the team with a proven track record because it’s the other team’s “time.” The last thing in the world the Chiefs needed was Peyton Manning and the Broncos feeling like nobody believed in them.

3. Can the Chiefs still win the division?

Sure they can. Again, it’s only week two, and Denver can’t stay on top forever. A win on Thursday would have accelerated the faith in the process, sure, but this Chiefs team remains the deepest of Andy Reid’s short tenure and still has an opportunity to do some great things.

4. What should be made of Jah Reid getting the start at right tackle ahead of Eric Fisher?

Reid understands the importance of continuity, and he proved last year that he’ll stick with a group as long as they are getting some things accomplished. Donald Stephenson had a tough time getting off the bench last year after his performance-enhancing drug suspension, and now he’s their starting left tackle and a crucial part of the O-line picture. The point is this: If Fisher plays to potential whenever he’s called on again, no one will remember the controversy surrounding his high ankle sprain. He’s still a very talented guy, and can be a good offensive lineman if he is determined to be that.

5. The night wasn’t a total loss, right?

Nope. Berry's emotional return from Hodgkin lymphoma was a touching moment. The Chiefs saved him last for pregame intros, and the stadium erupted with a standing ovation. The night didn’t quite have the storybook ending he hoped for, but the weight of that moment was significant.

The number

7 The number of losses in a row the Chiefs have to Denver.

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