Red Zone

Chiefs organization prepares to put severe weather plan into action

The players and coaches aren't the only ones who have to be ready to contend with the snow this weekend. The organization, as a whole, has a comprehensive operating plan that addresses every type of weather and severe weather condition that could present itself.

The Chiefs, who say they utilize a weather monitoring system similar to ones used by airports, say they began tracking and planning specifically for this storm last week, and have already put their winter weather plan into effect. That means they have tractors, loaders, dump trucks and plows ready if they need to clear the parking lots, and also have 350 tons of salt and ice melt on hand.

The Chiefs also have 200 personnel scheduled or on call to come in overnight Saturday into Sunday, and will be prepared to clear the stadium with shovels and a system of chutes and trailers hooked to carts to haul snow out of the building. They will pretreat where they can on Saturday night and the main snow removal operation will begin early Sunday morning if the snow comes.

The field will also be covered, of course, per NFL rules.