Red Zone

NFL analyst cites schedule, coach and QB as reasons Chiefs could turn around quickly

Gil Brandt, the longtime personnel director of the Dallas Cowboys who now is an analyst for, spent two days at Chiefs training camp and predicts big things for the team — assuming running back Jamaal Charles is healthy.

“It would not shock me to see them be a playoff team,” Brandt said of the Chiefs, who were 2-14 a year ago. “I like the coaching staff. I like the quarterback. I like what they’re doing on defense. We thought they were going to be pretty good after winning 10 games (in 2010). Why the bottom fell out, I’m not sure, but I think they’re a much better team than people will give them credit.

“This is a quarterback league and a coach’s league. Wouldn’t you agree they’re better in both areas?

“The whole mood of the team is so much better, so much more positive thinking than it has been over the past couple of years. The vibes are so much better than last year. Andy Reid historically wins 10 games a season … except for last year. He’s a very good football coach who has surrounded himself with very good coaches. You’ll see one gadget play every game, and you’ll see a lot of passing.”

Brandt also likes the Chiefs’ schedule, which includes the NFC East, “which is not like playing the NFC West.” And it includes games against Cleveland, Buffalo, Tennessee and Jacksonville.

“They better be ready for a lot of hot weather, sitting on the sunny side of the field in week one,” Brandt said. “If not, they could lose to Jacksonville.”