Red Zone

Q & A with Chiefs deep snapper and defensive lineman Brad Madison

Former Missouri defensive lineman Brad Madison, an undrafted rookie from nearby Bethany, Mo., is trying to make the Chiefs as a deep snapper, but there are no kickers in the rookie camp, so he’s working with the defensive linemen until punter Dustin Colquitt, kicker Ryan Succop and incumbent deep snapper Thomas Gafford report for Friday’s first full-squad practice.


What’s your approach to trying to win a job with an established deep snapper like Gafford on the team?

“He’s a good snapper, and I’m just trying to learn what I can. I’m playing a little defense in the beginning of camp. I’m going to do my best and let the rest happen. I’m going to try make few mistakes and do what I can do.”


Why, as an undrafted free agent, did you choose the Chiefs?

“I had a few teams I could have gone to … the Chiefs were close to home. I feel like they wanted me here. Close to home was nice. My family could be around, and that’s big, especially when you’re a rookie. I can stick around, it will help me out a lot.”


Are you expecting some friends and family come to camp?

“Yeah, I think I’ve got more people coming now than I did in college. It’s even closer to Bethany than college was, so I’ve got some family and friends that will be around a little bit, which is nice. Camp can be pretty rough … living in the dorms for a few weeks …. it will be nice to see some familiar faces.”