Red Zone

Chiefs look short on offensive playmakers

So rookie running back Knile Davis, dropped a couple of easy passes yesterday at Chiefs practice, one of which was a screen pass that he would have taken for a long gain. So he’s dropped a number of other passes during offseason practice.

So what, right? It’s June, right? What does it matter, right?

Here’s why this should matter to the Chiefs: Davis is going to play a lot, the Chiefs are going to throw the ball to their backs a lot and they need Davis to be one of their big-play guys. For all of their offseason moves, the Chiefs still look short on offensive playmakers. They have Jamaal Charles, who don’t forget has an occasional fumbling problem of his own. They have Dwayne Bowe, who occasionally has a pass-dropping problem of his own.

After that, there’s some wishful thinking going on. Travis Kelce has shown some promise in offseason practice, but let’s wait on judgment there until he goes through the grind of the season. Donnie Avery has been injured since practice started. And I’ll believe that Jon Baldwin and Dexter McCluster are big-play guys when they actually start to make them.

So Davis, who is big and fast, looms as a key figure to them. And if he can’t catch the ball or learn to do it, scratch another potential big-play guy off the list, at least in the passing game.