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Rookie tight end Travis Kelce could be a factor for Chiefs

One of the more interesting players at Chiefs practice over the last couple of weeks is rookie tight end Travis Kelce. Based on the ways the Chiefs have used Kelce, it would appear they plan to get plenty out of him.

Kelce has lined up in a variety of spots and not merely as a tight end. He has shown the necessary speed to be able to get down the field and catch passes, as he did on Tuesday when he found a seam in zone coverage and grabbed a long ball from Ricky Stanzi.

“I would like to think I’m a different breed of player, someone that can get after a guy in the run game, but at the same time catch a ball and go 80 to the house,’’ Kelce said. “I think the Chiefs are going to get someone who is very versatile and if I had to possibly choose one guy, I would choose Jeremy Shockey just the way he plays with passion and energy, I think that would be an awesome comparison.”

We’ll hold off for now in making any comparisons for Kelce. It’s too early to compare him to Shockey, the former Saints, Giants and Panthers tight end.

It’s not too early to make a prediction, one that says Kelce will make a big contribution for the Chiefs as a rookie.