Red Zone

Chiefs likely to take a tackle with first pick

All indications are that the Chiefs will choose one of the top two available offensive tackles, Texas A&M's Luke Joeckel or Central Michigan's Eric Fisher, with the first pick in the draft.

There seems to be little to choose from between the two. Joeckel may be more advanced as a pass protector, Fisher might have a small edge as a run blocker.

The difference might be so slight that half of the 32 teams might, if given the choice, pick Joeckel and the other half Fisher.

Former NFL coach Jon Gruden has his favorite.

“Joeckel to me is the guy I would take,'' said Gruden, now an analyst for ESPN. “I don't know what Andy (Reid) is going to do but you're talking about a left tackle who not only won the Outland Award Trophy as true junior. He played for two different head coaches, two different systems, helped (Ryan) Tannehill become a first-rounder, helped Johnny Manziel win the Heisman and did it against the best America has to offer in terms of competition. Reliable, athletic. Consistent.

“If you took Fisher from Central Michigan, I wouldn't second-guess it. This is an athletic, big left tackle that's very versatile. He's played right tackle, he's played guard, did a heck of a job in the Senior Bowl. The arrow is pointing up.'' | Adam Teicher, The Star