Red Zone

What should the Chiefs do with the No. 1 pick?

For the first time in franchise history, the Chiefs hold the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft. So for such a monumental occasion, The Star is asking everyone — well almost everyone — what they think the Chiefs should do. So far, George Brett and Rob Riggle have weighed in. Check back for more opinions as we track them down and add your own in the comments.

• "Trade down if possible-draft QB Geno Smith if not."

| KC Mayor Sly James

• "I have every confidence that our new Chiefs leadership will make the right pick."

| Former KC Mayor Kay Barnes

• "If you own the first pick in the draft, and there's a franchise left tackle (like Texas A's Luke Joeckel), that's what you do. It may not be sexy, but it's the way to go."

| Former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason, now a CBS Sports studio analyst

• "My teenage boys tell me they need a quarterback. If somebody said, ‘Which quarterback?' I have no idea. ... I'll tell you what else the Chiefs need to do, they need to be more involved in the community. They used to be much more active than they are now. I know they’ve been busy and I know if they’re not a winning team -- that makes a difference -- but they can be more involved."

| Sister Berta Sailer, co-founder of Operation Breakthrough

• "I read with terrible disappointment that this was supposed to be a bad quarterback year, with nobody really outstanding. In light of that, I think the Chiefs should take (tackle) Luke Joeckel from Texas A There is a precedent for using a first-round pick for a player that is not a quarterback. The New Orleans Saints drafted Willie Roaf in the first round in 1993 and (former Chiefs GM) Carl Peterson got him in a trade in 2002. In my opinion, Willie Roaf was the greatest tackle that ever played football."

| James B. Nutter, Sr., founder of KC’s James B. Nutter Co., one of the nation's largest private mortgage companies

• "If you have a car, no matter how good the tires are, or how fabulous the windshield looks, or how robust the engine, if you don’t have a battery, you won’t be able to drive anywhere. It’s the same in football. It doesn’t matter how many push-ups you can do, or cartwheels you can turn ... if you can’t complete passes, you won’t be able to win games. The Chiefs need a truly talented quarterback who can drive the offense, someone like West Virginia’s Geno Smith."

| U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.)

• "I think the Chiefs need to go for the best offensive player available, regardless of what position. They need a quarterback, but they also need help on the offensive line. You can get the best quarterback in the world, but if you don’t have an offensive line to protect him, he’s in trouble."

| Blue Springs Mayor Carson Ross

• "If the Chiefs are ever going to get a team that is going to be successful, they are going to have to go with a quarterback: somebody who can guide the team and lead the team. They haven’t had that recently."

| Independence Mayor Don Reimal, a former president for 18 years of Pop Warner football in Jackson County

• "Take the best player. Then pick a QB later in the draft, if we haven’t picked one up by then."

| Kathy Nelson, Kansas City Sports Commission President and CEO

• "I want them to take the best receiver to help out my boy Matt Cassel."

| Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas

• "There's really no clear-cut No. 1 guy ... I'm more concerned about the Saints."

| Royals infielder (and noted New Orleans Saints fan) Johnny Giavotella

• “I’d draft the best player available. I don’t care what position he is, I’d take the best player.”


George Brett

• “Unfortunately, this year’s draft isn’t quite as rich as last year’s. I would say get the best player available. Go Chiefs!”

| Actor Rob Riggle, an Overland Park native and resident comedian on Fox NFL Sunday

• “I would try to trade down and get a quarterback later Geno Smith.”

| ESPN’s Ed Werder

• “They need a leader. They need a quarterback.”

| NFL Network’s Stacey Dales

• “Luke Joeckel. He’s really a good player. He can play left tackle. You can justify taking a left tackle, a defensive end who can rush the passer or a quarterback (with the first overall pick). If Joeckel couldn’t play left tackle, and he was a right tackle, I don’t think you can justify it. It has to be somebody who fits that bill.”

| Gil Brandt, draft analyst for and former Dallas Cowboys personnel director

• “Can’t pick a quarterback. They’ve got to pick a lineman. They’ll be OK.”

| Herm Edwards, ESPN analyst and former Chiefs coach

• “Knowing Andy Reid, I’d go after the best player possible. I’d wait on a quarterback. These coaches can turn Cassel around.”

| Former Chiefs and Royals groundskeeper George Toma, working his 47th Super Bowl