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Chiefs Blitz | The good, the bad and the ugly from this season

How will the 2012 season be remembered?

By far, it will go down as the most disappointing season in the 53-year history of the franchise. This was not a team that harbored Super Bowl expectations, but in a winnable AFC West, a division title or wild-card contention was not too much to ask. But the combination of poor evaluation of talent, questionable coaching decisions and a few untimely injuries turned this into a 2-14 season, tied for the worst record in club history.

What happens next?

All eyes and ears will be focused on whether Clark Hunt decides to clean house in the front office and coaching staff. Hard to believe he can ask Scott Pioli to make a third coaching hire in four years. And even harder to believe Hunt will keep Romeo Crennel after such a debacle of a season. If he keeps the status quo, the Chiefs stand to lose thousands of season ticket holders and plenty of corporate sponsorship.

What was the low point of the 2012 season?

No question, it was the murder/suicide by linebacker Jovan Belcher on Dec. 1. A 2-14 record pales in comparison to the horrific tragic death of Belcher’s girl friend, Kasandra Perkins, as well as the demons that made Belcher kill the mother of his daughter; and pull the trigger on himself in front of Pioli, Crennel and defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs.

What was the high point of the 2012 season?

Remarkably, it was the 27-21 win over Carolina on Dec. 2, the day after the Belcher tragedy. Crennel did a masterful job of keeping his team together and playing well under unthinkable circumstances.

Who’s the Chiefs MVP?

That’s a no-brainer. On a team filled with Pro Bowlers, running back Jamaal Charles, the AFC rushing champion, was the club’s only true playmaker, and without his 91-yard run at New Orleans and gutty performance against Carolina, the Chiefs would have gone 0-16.

How about Rookie of the Year?

All three top picks — nose tackle Dontari Poe, left guard Jeff Allen and left tackle Donald Stephenson — became starters because of injuries and all three had their high points and low points. Let’s give it to Poe, because he started every game.

The number

1: The Chiefs will have the first pick in the NFL draft for the first time since the common draft in 1967.