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Chiefs’ Quinn helps develop post-career training program

Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn is going to boot camp.

Quinn and former NFL center Jeff Faine have developed the new NFL Business Management Program, one of four new “boot camp” training sessions for current and former NFL players that will debut in April and May 2013.

With input from players, the NFL will introduce the following new programs – Franchising Boot Camp; Hospitality and Culinary Management Workshop; Sports Journalism Communications Boot Camp, and Business Management and Entrepreneurship Program — to assist players in choosing post-NFL careers.

The NFL Business Management and Entrepreneurial “Investment for Impact” program will be held April 18-21 at Quinn and Faine’s alma mater, Notre Dame .

“The opportunity to play in the NFL has provided a platform to have an impact on our communities,” said Quinn, a six-year veteran. “It is my hope that through the Notre Dame Entrepreneurial program, attendees may learn how to invest with an impact for the greater good.”


Investment for Impact

program will utilize case studies, lectures, and interactive exercises to facilitate learning about financial literacy and analysis, entrepreneurial skills, investing for impact, and business plan development.


NFL Franchising Boot Camp
Jerry Richardson,

a three-decade restaurant franchisee, will present the keynote at the boot camp which will take place April 26-29 at the University of Michigan.


NFL Hospitality and Management Workshop

, hosted on May 6 at New York City’s award-winning Institute for Culinary Education, will present the fundamental skills required for success in the hospitality and culinary industries.


NFL Sports Journalism and Communications Boot Camp