Red Zone

Chiefs report card vs. Broncos

Chiefs rushing offense (B+)

Only if the Chiefs were greedy could they ask for more against a strong run defense.

Chiefs passing offense (F)

Brady Quinn missed on his last 10 attempts and was zero for nine in the fourth quarter.

Chiefs rushing defense (C)

The Broncos don’t run like they mean it, but just to allow Peyton Manning to catch his breath.

Chiefs passing defense (C-)

Sometimes the coverage was good and Manning’s throw was just better.

Chiefs special teams (D)

Allowing two long kickoff returns didn’t help the cause.

Chiefs coaching (F)

Romeo Crennel needs to understand he’s coaching an extraordinarily lousy team and can’t always coach by the book.

First quarter

Key play:

Romeo Crennel ordered the Chiefs, leading 3-0 and facing fourth and 2 from the Denver 4, to kick a field goal instead of trying for a touchdown.

Key stat:

The Chiefs had the ball for more than 10 minutes, the Broncos fewer than 5.

Second quarter

Key play:

Denver tight end Jacob Tamme dragged Eric Berry into the end zone on third and goal with 18 seconds left for the first touchdown of the game.

Key stat:

Tamme had three catches for 36 yards and a touchdown in the period.

Third quarter

Key play:

Manning’s 30-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas put the Broncos ahead 14-9 and effectively put the game out of the Chiefs’ reach.

Key stat:

Manning was six of eight for 94 yards and a touchdown in the period.

Fourth quarter

Key play:

Manning’s 27-yard pass to Thomas allowed the Broncos to convert on third and 7 and continue their late fourth-quarter drive.

Key stat:

Quinn was zero for nine passing in the period.

Player of the game

Justin Houston had a pair of sacks, giving him nine this season.

Reason to hope

If they could hold the Broncos to 17 points, the Chiefs can conceivably limit damage by future opponents.

Reason to mope

The Chiefs have gone 11 straight quarters plus part of an overtime without a touchdown.

Looking ahead

The Chiefs finish a three-game homestand with next Sunday’s game against Carolina.