Red Zone

Todd Haley’s revisionist history

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette trotted out its big story on deposed Chiefs head coach Todd Haley, now happy in his role as offensive coordinator for his hometown and beloved Steelers.

The primary source in the story was Haley’s father, Dick, the former longtime personnel director for the Steelers who said his son’s return to Pittsburgh was the “greatest thing that could happen to him after Kansas City.”

But a remark that Todd Haley made to the Pittsburgh media last week that also slipped through a story in last Friday’s Kansas City Star and appeared in today’s story needs to be corrected.

In looking back at his near-three seasons with the Chiefs, Haley said he was “very proud of the things the players and I were able to accomplish … we … beat Chicago on the road when we were playing with our third-team quarterback at that time.”

Wrong, Todd. Tyler Palko was your personally chosen second-team quarterback after Matt Cassel went down with a broken hand. Ricky Stanzi was No. 3. Still is.

It may be a petty of me to point that out, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story.