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Chiefs profile | Wide receiver Josh Bellamy

Wide receiver Josh Bellamy is perhaps the most advanced of this year’s group of undrafted free agents for the Chiefs, but he will still have a difficult time making the team. His situation could be determined by Dwayne Bowe and when the unsigned franchise player decides to join the Chiefs.

Jon Baldwin, Steve Breaston, Dexter McCluster, Terrance Copper and Devon Wylie will make the team and the Chiefs will probably keep only six wide receivers, so Bellamy’s best chance to stick might be as a member of the practice squad.

The Chiefs threw three passes Bellamy’s way in last Friday night’s preseason opener against Arizona but he failed to make a catch.

Q: What was it like out there in your first professional game last week?

A: It was a little exciting being out there. It’s everybody’s dream to play in the NFL so my blood was pumping and I wasn’t as calm as I was in college. So I had to go out there and try to calm myself down. I got more comfortable as the game went on.

Q: What do you feel your chances are to make the team?

A: I don’t know. I just go out and play. That’s up to the coaches. I’ll know when camp is over.

Q: What do you hear from (wide receivers coach) Nick Sirianni that you need to work on?

A: He just says to work on being more consistent, just to come out and have a good practice every day. There can’t be any up and down with the way I play. That’s what I’ve been trying to work on, just being consistent every day.’’

| Adam Teicher,