Red Zone

Crennel’s depth chart remains the same

Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel has made no secret during training camp that he doesn’t like making the depth chart public, at least this time of year. But NFL rules require him to do so each week before a game, including during the preseason.

So when the Chiefs issued this week’s version of their depth chart ahead of Saturday night’s game against the Rams in St. Louis, it was the same as last week’s. Brady Quinn is still listed as the top backup at quarterback behind Matt Cassel, with Ricky Stanzi as No. 3.

Dwayne Bowe, the unsigned franchise player, is still the seventh-string flanker even though he hasn’t been near St. Joseph and Missouri Western State University, his recent arrival at Kansas City International Airport not withstanding.

“It’s not (set) in stone,’’ Crennel said. “I can change it whenever I need to. They want you to put it out at the very beginning of the week. Like I told you last week, I had to put one out. So this week I had to put one out. It was very simple for me to say, ‘OK, let’s keep it the same as we had last week.’ But don’t read anything into the depth chart. As this week goes along and I feel like someone needs to move up or someone needs to move down, that will happen.’’

One position to watch is quarterback, where Quinn and Stanzi could change depth chart positions in time for Saturday night’s game. They rotated daily in practice as the No. 2 quarterback, and Quinn was the first one off the bench in last week’s game against Arizona.