Red Zone

Crennel says upgraded talent will make cuts tougher

The first mandated roster cutdown from 90 to 75 players isn’t until Aug. 27, but already Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel is starting to face some difficult decisions on whom to keep.

And it will be even tougher on Aug. 31 when the club must get down to its opening-day limit of 53. That’s part of the price for having an upgraded level of talent on the roster.

“The statement has been made that this team has more ability than has been around here in the last couple of years,” Crennel said on Monday after the Chiefs returned to training camp following Friday night’s preseason opener.

“If that’s a true statement, the decisions will be tough. But you can’t keep everybody. And the players understand that if they are not able to make this team, they will be disappointed, but if they can do some good things in the games, all the NFL teams watch the games, and they evaluate the personnel.

“So if they can do something, then other teams look at them, and they might be interested if they can’t make our team.”

The Chiefs, likewise, are scouting the other 31 teams in search of players who may be released but could find a home in Kansas City.

“Of course,” Crennel said. “I tell ‘em all the time the NFL is an evaluation. You’re evaluated from the day you come in until the day you leave. You get evaluated every day, and not only by the guys in your building, but the other teams in the NFL are evaluating you also.

“And I tell them, not only are you competing with the guys at your position, you’re competing with all the other guys in the NFL at that position or guys who might be doing really good on special teams who are not playing your position. You’re competing with those guys as well.”