Red Zone

Crennel won’t go easy on Chiefs in the heat

After relatively mild temperatures greeted the Chiefs for the first two days of training camp, things will begin to heat up. The temperature is predicted to hit 100 in St. Joseph on Sunday and then get into the upper 90s during the week.

Coach Romeo Crennel said that for now he doesn’t plan to alter the times of practice or move practice to the indoor facility at Missouri Western State University. The practice schedule is the same most days, with an hourlong walkthrough beginning at 10:30 a.m. and then a practice starting at 3:20.

A night practice is scheduled for Tuesday and the Chiefs won’t practice Wednesday.

Asked why the Chiefs don’t have the more physically demanding of their practices in the morning, when temperatures are lower, Crennel said, “Because it’s tougher in the afternoon. It’s hotter and they have to push themselves more.

“We have to be cognizant of the heat and how much work they’re doing and things like that. We might have to start giving them more breaks, more time to take the helmets off and get some of that heat away from their bodies. But so far, it’s been ideal weather so we shouldn’t have to go to that yet.”

“I’ll give them more breaks. But if it looks like it’s going to be an extended 110 temperature week, then we might flop it and go in the morning.”

Crennel acknowledged he’s struggling with how to design a practice schedule under NFL rules that allow one practice per day plus a walkthrough. The Chiefs aren’t allowed to wear full pads in all of their practices.

“Anytime there’s a rule change, early on the adaptation is tough, particularly on old-school guys like myself. But in time, everybody gets adjusted to the new rule and ... you try to get the most out of it.”