Red Zone

Good-bye, Brodie Croyle

I'm a little late on this, but didn't want the retirement of Brodie Croyle to pass without a comment. I've seen a lot of quarterbacks come through Kansas City during my time near the Chiefs, but none with the ability to make all of the necessary throws like Croyle had.

Of all the quarterbacks drafted by the Chiefs over the last 20 or so years _ not a long list, for sure _ he's the one who had the look of something special. The problem was that you had to see Croyle at practice to witness it.

Of course, he never translated the ability he showed on the practice field to the games. Based of what Croyle showed during the 2007 off-season and training camp, Herm Edwards desperately wanted to make Croyle the starter for the beginning of that regular season. But a series of Croyle's bizarre preseason mistakes forced Edwards to stick with Damon Huard.

Eventually, Croyle became their starter but the Chiefs never won any of those games. That's not totally his fault because he played for some truly bad teams but another, lesser talented Chiefs quarterback of that era, Tyler Thigpen, found a way to win once. Croyle also couldn't stay in one piece, either, so maybe he was the victim of some bad luck there.

Definitely he was the victim of bad timing. Had Croyle come to the Chiefs at a different time -- now, for instance -- he might have made it and made it big. But he arrived in Kansas City just as things were crumbling around him, hardly the ideal developmental ground for a young quarterback.

He never did develop, which is a shame for the Chiefs and their fans because they might go some time without having another homegrown quarterback with that kind of ability.