Red Zone

Among NFL rules changes this season, trainers can call timeouts

NFL training camps include a review of new rules, and the Chiefs have taken note.

The extra point from the 15-yard line with the ability of the defense to return a turnover for two points will be the most noticeable rule change this year.

But there are several others. Here’s a rundown:

▪ A certified athletic trainer at each stadium can communicate with the side judge and call a medical timeout if a player appears to be disoriented. Neither team would be charged for a timeout and teams can replace the affected player only during this stoppage. The opposition also would be able to substitute a player to match up.

▪ On peel-back blocks, all offensive players can be penalized, opposed to just those inside the tackle box.

▪ Receiver protection extends to interceptions when the intended receiver remains unable to protect himself from a hit.

▪ On chop blocks, it’s now illegal for a back to chop a defensive player engaged above the waist by another offensive player outside the tight end area.

▪ It’s now illegal to push a teammate at the line of scrimmage rushing on punts and field goals.

▪ There is now the ability to review the game clock at the end of a half, game or overtime to determine if there should be time remaining.

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