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Chase Daniel is a fan of Chiefs camp in St. Joe, Andy Reid’s ‘tough’ practices

Kansas City Chiefs backup quarterback Chase Daniel (10)
Kansas City Chiefs backup quarterback Chase Daniel (10) The Kansas City Star

Chase Daniel has some advice for rookies who are on the cusp of experiencing their first NFL camp under Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

“It’s tough,” Daniel said Tuesday, the day rookies and quarterbacks reported to Missouri Western State University. “Coach Reid runs a tough, physical camp.”

It’s all for good reason though, Daniel added.

“He wants it to be a very difficult camp because he wants it to be more difficult than the actual game itself.”

Now in his seventh year in the league, Daniel says he appreciates the process of training camp and the new challenge each year of forming a new team identity.

“We have to sort of find our motto, sort of find how we’re gonna be on offense, how we’re gonna be on defense, special teams, how we’re gonna pull together as a team,” Daniel said.

“Building the team, the camaraderie, that’s what I enjoy the most.”

The hospitality Missouri Western provides makes camp an enjoyable experience, Daniel said, going so far to call it “first-class.”

“I think our setup here is the best in the nation,” Daniel said. “We have amazing dorms. We get our own rooms. We’re a short drive to the practice field. They’ve done a lot of work on the field, I’ve seen them, they look in excellent shape. We have our indoor for walkthroughs. The weight room is outstanding. I really love it.”

The proximity of Missouri Western to Kansas City, approximately 54 miles, also enhances the camp experience, Daniel said.

“On off days, guys can get back to their families and see them,” Daniel said. “It really breaks up the monotony of camp.”

Daniel, a Missouri graduate, also said he’s been following the Royals, and was excited about the recent trades for Ben Zobrist and Johnny Cueto.

“Definitely, in our family, we keep track of them,” Daniel said. “My wife (Hillary) is a Kansas City native, so she’s been going to the games since she was six, seven years old.”

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