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Chiefs Blitz: A look at the good, the bad and the ugly from Monday’s win over the Patriots

Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles leaped over the goal line in the second quarter for a touchdown.
Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles leaped over the goal line in the second quarter for a touchdown. The Kansas City Star

Do Tell The Truth

1. How big of a surprise was this result?

The fact the Chiefs won should not be considered an upset. New England did not look good in previous games while the Chiefs have slowly improved on a weekly basis. But the thoroughness with which the Chiefs dominated this game is a little surprising. The Chiefs have their share of holes, particularly when it comes to run defense and pass protection, but New England was incapable of exploiting either. Give the Chiefs’ coaching staff credit for masking those deficiencies on both sides of the ball, and give the players credit for improving enough in both areas to overcome them Monday.

2. How about that offensive playcalling?

Marvelous. Chiefs coach Andy Reid got in a groove early as his team jumped to a 17-0 halftime lead. They made sure they got their best skill players — Jamaal Charles, Travis Kelce and Dwayne Bowe — involved early, and that’s important for all of them, Bowe in particular. It seems like he plays better when he gets involved early. Kelce continues to improve every week, and is looking like a serious weapon at tight end.

3. So much for Jamaal Charles being nicked up, huh?

Charles may well have been playing with a high-ankle sprain, but he sure didn’t look like it Monday. In fact, he looked as spry and slippery as he has in two months. As good as he looked, his backup, Knile Davis, maybe looked better. With his speed, power and strength, Davis is emerging as a legitimate threat as a runner, particularly between the tackles, while Charles can handle the pass-catching duties and run with equal savvy. These two have the look of a formidable duo, and remember, Davis has room to improve as an all-around player.

4. Can the Chiefs make the playoffs?

At this point, it’s certainly in play. The schedule remains difficult, but the Chiefs have a chance to enter the bye week with a 3-2 record if they can manage to prevail over a San Francisco team that certainly looks beatable this week. If they find a way to beat the 49ers on the road on Sunday, it will be an excellent start to a season that started so poorly.

5. Will the Chiefs’ week-one loss to Tennessee come back to haunt them?

Probably. If the Chiefs finish with eight wins, remember that loss against the Titans, who have lost their last three games and are now 1-3. The way this team came out and played in the season opener remains a curious mystery, but it’s now three weeks in the past, and it’s certainly time to move on. One can argue that the Chiefs made up for it by beating the Patriots on Monday. After going .500 for the first quarter of their season, the Chiefs can essentially reset and attack the rest of their schedule. Huge, huge win.

The number

142.2 — The decibel level on Monday night, which helped Arrowhead Stadium reclaim its throne as the world’s loudest outdoor stadium.

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