Red Zone

Playbook, and NFL life, becomes clearer for Chiefs’ second-year players

Two Chiefs second-year players, linebacker Dee Ford and offensive lineman Zach Fulton, both used their first full NFL offseason to reach the next level.

For Ford, he said he can now translate what he absorbs in meeting rooms into execution on the field, instead of simply regurgitating information.

“There were situations that I couldn’t quite understand,” Ford said. “I could spit it out to you, but once the bullets were flying, it was different.”

Ford, a first-round draft choice, said that between training for the NFL Combine and draft visits, it was a distracted offseason. Now, he can concentrate on the playbook and football.

“I didn’t have that focus that I have this year,” he said.

Fulton said the absence of draft distractions allowed him to get to know the playbook better and led to a productive offseason.

“I think it’s a little bit easier now that I know the playbook more,” Fulton said. “I know what to expect.”

Fulton stayed in Kansas City during the offseason and worked out with Chiefs head strength and conditioning coach Barry Rubin. To get quicker, Fulton began dieting.

“I lost a few pounds, you might not be able to tell,” he said.

His food weakness? Cheeseburgers.

“There’s always cheat day,” he said.

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