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Chiefs’ Chris Ballard says center Eric Kush has a ‘bright future’

Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Eric Kush.
Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman Eric Kush. The Kansas City Star

The Chiefs’ director of player personnel Chris Ballard recently sat down with play-by-play man Mitch Hothus to discuss the team’s offseason thus far. You can check out the entire interview here, but here are some of the highlights.

On the loss of center Rodney Hudson to free agency:

“Losing Rodney ... great teammate, great player, happy for him. But we’ve got a young guy in the wings in (2013 sixth-round pick Eric) Kush that we think has got a bright future.”

On the draft:

“John’s philosophy and coach’s philosophy has always been we’re going to take the best player available. We just think for the long-term future of the organization and the team … when you start reaching up and taking needs, you end up passing on good players.”

On finding diamonds in the rough:

“It doesn’t matter where you come from … both years we’ve been pretty active finding guys by just studying the tape. We study every prospect. We’re trying not to let anybody slip through the cracks.”

On the similarity between the Chiefs and the Bears teams under Lovie Smith (where Ballard worked prior to joining the Chiefs:

“Coach (Andy) Reid and (general manager) John (Dorsey) both have a philosophy of building the teams up front, making sure we’re strong up front, and both (Chicago) teams that went to the NFC Championship Game … were very good up front.”

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