Red Zone

Know thy teammate: Long-snapper Thomas Gafford and Chiefs’ punter Dustin Colquitt

When it comes to being in tune with your teammates, we suspect that few positions in the NFL require the timing and bond that are called for between a punter and the guy who hikes him the football.

To test this theory, we asked four questions of Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt, then asked long-snapper Thomas Gafford to guess the answers Colquitt gave. Here’s what they said.




1. If you could play a different sport professionally, which one would you pick?

That’s a tough one. Soccer. That was my first love.

Field hockey.

2. What is your favorite TV show to binge-watch?

How I Met Your Mother. It’s my wife’s and my favorite show.

A cartoon with his kids.

3. What is your favorite road NFL stadium to play in?

It would be Pittsburgh. That’s a great stadium they got up there with a good tradition. Its always fun to win there.

I would guess Tennessee, where hes from.

4. What artist is most often played on your iPod?

Jimmy Buffett. I’ve been a Parrothead through and through for my entire life. It started at an early age.

Probably Taylor Swift.

The verdict? These guys might know one another in football terms, but we’d like to see them spend a little more quality time together off the field.