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New Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a rap song named after him

Patrick Mahomes.
Patrick Mahomes. The Associated Press

One of the more entertaining trends in rap music these days is the way some artists name songs after people.

Jay Z did it with “Tom Ford.” Young Thug entire mixtape “Jeffery” featured songs named after people like Wyclef, Kanye West and Rihanna. And to my everlasting amusement, Migos did it with “John Wick” and “Forest Whitaker.”

Add new Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes to the list of people immortalized in song, thanks to Lubbock-based producer J.J. “Slikk” Barrera, who dropped his “Patrick Mahomes” track last summer (you can also scroll to the bottom to listen) and has seen it shoot up to over 178,000 views since the Chiefs selected him with the 10th overall pick last Thursday.

“Whenever Kliff Kingsbury became (Texas Tech’s) coach, I wrote a song for him and that did very well,” said Barrera, a big Texas Tech fan. “I had the local news, they did like an interview on me, they played it on the local radio there nonstop, so when Pat was out there and I saw him play — he’s an awesome player — it just came to me to write him a song, and I got a pretty good response from it.”

Barrera also credits Guns Up Nation, a Facebook group, for making a video for the song that contributed to its popularity.

Barrera says he’s never met Mahomes personally (though Mahomes did give him a shoutout on the radio), and added that the Chiefs’ new quarterback has a good reputation in Lubbock.

“He did give me a shoutout when the song played on the radio,” Barrera said. “My girlfriend worked at Tech, and he was real nice to them. He would sign autographs and she would take pictures with him and stuff. Yeah man, he’s a real likable guy.”

You can listen to the track below. You can cop the track for $1.50 by going here.