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Path to the draft: Chiefs’ Reid calls quarterback class ‘decent’

Former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon.
Former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon. The Associated Press

Leading up to April 27, the first day of the NFL Draft, I’ll regularly check in on this blog with draft news, analysis and tidbits on what the Chiefs might do this year.

Three quick draft thoughts:

1. You guys already know where I stand on the Chiefs’ chances of taking a quarterback this year. I predicted the Chiefs will take a quarterback in the first of my four mock drafts, and I’ve written that they remain interested in taking one early. I still think there’s a good chance it happens, whether it be the first, second or third round, especially with Tyler Bray and Joel Stave as the only backup options behind Alex Smith (for now).

But at the NFL’s annual meeting on Tuesday, Chiefs coach Andy Reid was asked what he thought of this year’s class, and I thought his response was interesting.

“Listen, from what I’ve seen, I think it’s a decent class,” Reid said. “It seems like there’s a number of guys out there. To get into specifics, I haven’t done that, I haven’t gone there yet.”

“Decent” is an interesting word choice, especially when Reid did affirm he has looked at some of these guys. Whether the club likes any of them enough to take in the first round — where some very good options could remain at other positions of need, like defensive tackle and cornerback — remains to be seen, especially when Reid drops a comment like this when asked about Smith on Tuesday.

“I’m very comfortable with him, and that doesn’t mean I don’t challenge him with things,” Reid said. “But he is a self-driven guy, man. He’s possessed. First one in, last one out. I think everybody knows he’s in charge. I think he’s a good football player. Can he continue to get better? Absolutely? I think we just keep surrounding him with good players and he keeps on going. I wish I would have had him as a rookie. I love him. I love the way he goes about his business.”

For what it’s worth, I will probably have the Chiefs selecting a player at defensive line and cornerback in my next two mocks (April 9 and April 23), though I’m not sure what I’ll do with my final mock, which will come out the day of the draft. Should be a fun month.

2. I’ll have a story on this pretty soon, but it struck me that Reid — when asked for the millionth time since the Combine about Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon — said he hadn’t done much work on him.

“Again, I don’t know this kid at all,” Reid said. “I haven’t talked to him. I really haven’t even seen the video ... I don’t know what this kid is doing; again, I haven’t studied him at all.”

Mixon has been a controversial figure in this draft because he was caught on tape striking a female after a dispute. I’ve heard a lot about the Chiefs being a potential landing spot for Mixon, given the fact they took Tyreek Hill in the fifth round a year ago.

Personally, I have some doubts they want to go through that kind of scrutiny again. But I guess you never know.

3. This was already out there, but Reid confirmed that the Chiefs met with Temple linebacker Haason Reddick at the Combine. Reid called Reddick a “great” kid. Reddick also happens to be a really impressive player, someone with pass-rush ability. I’d mock him to the Chiefs but I’m just not sure he’ll be there at No. 27.