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Matt Cassel: ‘I have nothing but good things to say about Kansas City’

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel.
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel. The Associated Press

Quarterback Matt Cassel arrived in Kansas City prior to the 2009 season via a trade from the New England Patriots and received a six-year, $63 million contract.

The Chiefs made the playoffs in 2010 and Cassel went to the Pro Bowl. However, by 2012, fans booed him at the All-Star Game softball contest, cheered when he was injured during a game and paid to have an airplane banner fly over Arrowhead Stadium asking Cassel to be benched.

By 2012, the Chiefs finished 2-14 and Cassel was released followed the season. He signed with the Vikings and threw for 1,796 yards last season. He will try and win the starting job with Minnesota during Saturday’s preseason game against the Chiefs at Arrowhead.

“It’s a great storyline for him returning (to Kansas City), and we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure he goes out and does the job,” Vikings wide receiver Jarius Wright told reporters in Minnesota.

Cassel, 32, told the St. Paul Pioneer-Press he’s “excited to be able to go back.” He isn’t sure, though, how he will be greeted.

“I don’t know at this point, but I have nothing but good things to say about Kansas City,” he told the newspaper.

“I think it just comes down to we weren’t as consistent as we wanted to be,” Cassel added.

Former Chief and Viking J.C. Pearson expects a mixed reaction.

“These fans don’t forget a lot,” Pearson told the paper. They remember, and they equate him for some reason with the bad times. They kind of forget about the good that Matt did here — and he did a lot of good here. But it just got so bad toward the end, and it wasn’t all Matt’s fault.”

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