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Chiefs Blitz: Q&A about Sunday’s 30-14 win over the Indianapolis Colts

Unless something very unexpected happens, no, there is no quarterback controversy. Alex Smith is the Chiefs’ starter.
Unless something very unexpected happens, no, there is no quarterback controversy. Alex Smith is the Chiefs’ starter.

In this week’s Blitz, The Star’s Terez A. Paylor answered five postgame Twitter questions from Chiefs fans.

1. I’ll start off bold. Is there a QB controversy or is Alex the starter regardless? — @LiamQuigs_

No. There is no controversy. Stop it. All of you. Not to go all Andy Reid on you, but listen: The currency for quarterbacks in the NFL (the way they are valued, perceived and ultimately judged) is wins. Period. And Smith is 35-18 in the regular season as the Chiefs’ starting quarterback. His 66.0 winning percentage is fifth among current, active players with at least 71 career starts ... which is really good. Yes, Nick Foles was dealing on Sunday, but barring a Kurt Warner-esque run — or a Cleveland Browns-ish run of quarterback play by Smith — No. 11 won’t be going anyway any time soon.

2. Was Foles effective because he is good or was Indy not prepared/not good enough to stop him? — @Lord_of_Memery

It’s hard to say definitively without checking the tape, but Foles’ stat line — 16 of 22 for 223 yards, two touchdowns, zero interceptions and a 135.2 passer rating — was killer. Here’s what we know: No. 1, Foles is a great fit in Reid’s offense. No. 2. he needed to get some actual quarterback coaching after a stint in St. Louis. And No. 3, the Colts’ defense stinks. The combination of the Colts’ talent deficit and the Chiefs’ superior playcalling certainly played a role, but don’t take anything away from Foles.

Chiefs wide receiver Jeremy Maclin said the team had plenty of confidence in backup quarterback Nick Foles.

3. What do we do next week if Smith and (Spencer) Ware aren’t back from their concussions and Jamaal is still having knee problems? — @ese_camalone

Easy. At quarterback, Foles gets the nod and Tyler Bray is the backup. I’d expect the Chiefs to work out a few quarterbacks and maybe sign one, just to get another player in the building if Smith is out for a while or Foles or Bray get hurt. At running back, the Chiefs will turn to Charcandrick West (who is capable) and (probably) promote Darrin Reaves and/or Zac Brooks from the practice squad. Those are my best guesses.

4. What the heck was that playcall, running with Smith after he already went under the concussion protocol once? — @panic1020

This was the shakiest playcall of the game for Reid, whose offense was efficient and effective Sunday despite injuries to Smith and Ware. Reid defended the decision to call a run-pass option play with Smith in the third quarter, saying he passed his previous concussion test earlier in the game “with flying colors.” But considering the hard playing surface at Indianapolis and the rash of concussions that have taken place on it the last two times they played there, there’s plenty of room for second-guessing that call — especially against a subpar defense. Surely there was another play that could have worked in that situation. But to be fair, hindsight is always 20/20.

5. When Justin Houston comes back, how do you see Dee Ford fitting in? He’s earned a place in there somewhere. Maybe split with Tamba Hali? — @RealMcCoy44

Ford has absolutely earned a role going forward. With his huge 3  1/2 -sack game, Ford has recorded seven this season, which puts him on pace for 16. And here’s the thing ... he genuinely seems to be looking forward to Houston’s return. Hali, 32, is dealing with knee problems and is content with a pinch-hitting role, so I’d imagine a solid three-man rotation — with Ford featured prominently — is in the cards. On passing downs, all three of them can play, with either Hali or Houston shifting inside. It will be up to defensive coordinator Bob Sutton to make it work, but I can tell you those guys are looking forward to it.

Chiefs linebacker Dee Ford said he had a three-sack game in him, but a 3.5 sack game? He'll take it.

The number

2 – The number of wins the Chiefs have recorded, all-time, in eight road games against the Indianapolis Colts, dating back to 1990.