Judging the Royals

June 15, 2013 8:33 PM

Three reasons the Rays beat the Royals

In the bottom of the first inning umpire Laz Diaz missed two calls. Tampa Bay Rays second baseman, Ben Zobrist, was on first base and got picked off by Jeremy Guthrie—but Diaz called him safe. Replays revealed it was close, but Zobrist was out. Zobrist then advanced to second base on an E3 (another pickoff attempt that got away from Eric Hosmer). Zobrist then moved over to third on Diaz’ second missed call of the inning—Luke Scott was called safe at first on an infield hit, but replays showed he was out and it wasn’t that close. Evan Longoria then drove Zobrist home with a sacrifice fly. Longoria would not have been at the plate except for the missed calls by Diaz. Had the calls been made correctly, Ben Zobrist would have never scored.

Judging the Royals

Lee Judge shares insights from KC's major-leaguers.

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