Judging the Royals

June 1, 2013 9:28 PM

Mike Moustakas and Alex Gordon save the game

If that headline confused you, I’ve done my job. In a game like this—a 4-1 extra-inning win by the Royals—lots of plays help decide the outcome. I could have said, "Lance Berkman loses composure and game" (he got thrown out in the first inning for arguing balls and strikes—I’m guessing the Rangers would have liked to have his bat in there) or "A.J. Pierzynski whiffs on pitch and win" (he failed to block a pitch in the dirt with a runner on third—it provided the only run the Royals would score in the first nine innings). I could have cited James Shields throwing seven innings and giving up only one run, or David Lough getting hit by a pitch with the bases loaded, or George Kottaras hitting a bases-loaded double to give the Royals insurance runs in the tenth.

Judging the Royals

Lee Judge shares insights from KC's major-leaguers.

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