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Watch: Go on a virtual lunch break with Royals catcher Drew Butera

Big-league ballplayers spend a lot of time on the road. Time on the road often turns into time watching daytime TV in hotel rooms. And watching daytime TV means those big-league ballplayers can develop some surprising viewing habits; Royals catcher Drew Butera is no exception.

Drew likes food shows.

Watching food shows gave Drew an idea: what if a show featured ballplayers visiting some of their favorite restaurants, talking about food and baseball?

Bingo! “Dining with Drew” was born.

Drew and I talked about the places we’d visit. We wanted local restaurants, unique to Kansas City (unless we can get Lorenzo Cain to take us along on one of his late-night trips to Taco Bell). We didn’t want to review restaurants. We wanted to go to some of our favorite spots — places we liked already — and share food and conversation with Royals fans.

By unanimous vote, our first stop was Garozzo’s Italian Ristorante.

The first video is “Appetizers” and you’ll find out about Sicilian Butter, Sicilian Artichokes and why Wade Davis was reluctant to throw the pitch that ended the 2015 World Series.

You’ll also learn a little something about baseball etiquette, meet Michael Garozzo, hear about Alex Gordon’s eating habits and find out what Drew’s name was going to be if his mother hadn’t objected.

Next up is video two: “Main Course.”

Drew went with Rigatoni Canzoneri: prosciutto ham, peas and mushrooms served in a tomato cream sauce. He loves that dish and is trying to get Michael Garozzo to rename it Rigatoni Butera.

I went with Chicken Spiedini Alla Samantha: chicken and artichoke hearts in an Alfredo sauce, served over a bed of fettuccine. Michael also threw in some Spiedini Alla Gabriela, served in a spicy red Diablo sauce.

Watch for the moment where Drew — who said he had no superstitions — realizes he actually does. We discuss the pleasures of home cooking and I insult my mother’s cooking (so if you run into her, mum’s the word). And if you pay attention you can see us starting to hit the food wall; lots of deep breathing and more time between bites.

We discuss leftovers and discover one of us — I’m not naming names — is a leftover thief.

By the dessert course, the third video, we had hit the wall and gone right through it.

Michael Garrozo brought us a couple samples of his restaurant’s signature dessert: “The Perfect Ending.” The dessert features tiramisu and a cannoli, and Michael threw in a couple of Frozen Cafes to top it off.

We then finished things off with a couple espressos — in for a dime, in for a dollar — and Drew theorized that the caffeine would counteract the billion or so calories we consumed earlier.

Great theory, but in my case, it doesn’t seem to be working.

We hope you enjoyed “Dining with Drew” and in future episodes we also hope to bring along a few of Drew’s teammates: why should we be the only ones with a food problem?

If you view the videos and enjoy them, share it. Drew and I wanted to share our experience with you, and we hope you’ll share that experience with friends.