Judging the Royals

I’ll give Twitter a try

The Kansas City Star

I’ve resisted for quite a while, but I’ve started experimenting with tweeting during ballgames. I haven’t wanted to do this because I felt like I needed to concentrate on the ballgame, but times change and so do baseball writers. I first tried it last Sunday night and, for the most part, thought I did a lousy job — but I’m learning.

Figuring out what to comment on in a timely manner isn’t as easy as it seems; you don’t need me to tell you Alex Gordon hit a double, but maybe I can be of use if I point out the pitcher then wants Billy Butler to pull a grounder toward left field and Billy needs to hit the ball to the right side so Alex can advance to third.

If I’m at the game I can let you know how the defense it set up and where the pitcher wants the ball put in play. I can also tell you who’s warming up in the bullpen and when they’re likely to come in the game.

I’m going to assume people following me are watching the ballgame. I’ll try to point out things you can look for as the game progresses; the same stuff the ballplayers have pointed out to me. The game gets a lot more interesting if you know what to look for.

We’ll see how it goes.

If you want to follow along as I stumble through this learning process you can do so @leejudge8.