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Lee Judge’s ‘Stuff I Like’: A beer with a shot, baseball and all sorts of barbecue

Among the stuff Lee Judge is into: Raymond Chandler, beer with a shot and baseball.
Among the stuff Lee Judge is into: Raymond Chandler, beer with a shot and baseball. ljudge@kcstar.com

Here’s what political cartoonist and Royals baseball blogger Lee Judge is into right now:


I love writers who paint a picture with a minimum number of words. With lines like “Meek little wives feel the edge of the carving knife and study their husbands’ necks,” Raymond Chandler had the goods.

Or A.J. Liebling’s description of Rocky Marciano at the beginning of his fight with Archie Moore: “He resembled a Great Dane who has heard the word ‘bone.’ 

I’m currently reading Robert B. Parker’s stuff: “The theater, which was in its fifteenth season of putting on plays too hard for me, flourished.”


If you’re in a crowd of people ordering craft beers with slices of fruit, ask for a shot and a beer; it’ll make you look manly. Just try not to ruin the illusion by throwing up on someone’s shoes later in the evening.


If you think you know the game, it’s a sure sign you don’t; it’s endlessly fascinating. I’ve got some pretty good stories I couldn’t put in the newspaper, like the time I fought Jeff Francoeur in the Royals clubhouse. Frenchy says he let me win (which is true), but if you want to hear the story you need to catch me in a good mood and buy me a shot and a beer.


A pulled chicken or pork sandwich at Rosedale Bar-B-Q will do you right; Gates for ribs, Q39 for everything else. I’ve got no argument with people who have their own list of favorites; basically, it’s pretty hard to pick a bad barbecue spot in KC.

Bill Burr

More truth in 77 minutes of stand-up comedy than you can get in 77 years of politics. Burr has a new Netflix special, “Walk Your Way Out,” and it’s a pleasure to watch this guy work.


During the baseball season there’s not much time for anything else, so during the off-season I get caught up on TV and movies I missed. Just got done binge-watching FXX’s “The League.”