Gregorian Chants

Texas A&M mascot at last declared innocent by Norm Stewart

As they exchanged banter during a news conference previewing tonight’s “Return To The Hearnes” honoring Mizzou’s 1993-94 men’s basketball team, former Tigers coach Norm Stewart and current coach Frank Haith, then a Texas A&M assistant, recalled those teams meeting around that time.

That funneled the discussion to a game the season before, an 81-55 MU victory in the tight confines of the old G. Rollie White Coliseum in College Station.

“You flew in the day of the game and beat us,” Haith recalled, citing one of Stewart’s traditional approaches.

In that environment, the Aggies collie mascot had a certain presence.

“That dog was barking that whole game,” Haith said, turning to Stewart. “Remember that little dog over there barking at you?”

Did he ever. And for that matter, so did any of us who covered that game.

That’s because the action featured Jevon Crudup, in fact, blocking a shot into Reveille.

Told that had happened after the game, Stewart said, “Oh, really? Good.”

But don’t call the ASPCA. That was just part of Stewart’s inventive penchant for good theater.

Entering the game, he had told (concocted?) a tale that Reveille had bitten his son Lindsey during a game at A&M when Lindsey was playing at Rice.

As Stewart retold that part on Tuesday, Haith scoffed and said, “Nooo.”

And Stewart fessed up.

“Well, he didn’t,” Stewart said. “But that’s the advantage of being older. Stories get better as you tell them.”

They were pretty good at the time, too.