Gregorian Chants

Wil Myers falls short of fountains in Kauffman Stadium debut

Before Tampa Bay took on the Royals on Monday at Kauffman Stadium, former Royal prospect (and their lost would-be savior in the eyes of some) Wil Myers verified the legend

as mentioned in The Star by Sam Mellinger on Monday


Yes, he said, the first time he was hitting at The K he had asked that the fountains in the outfield be turned on because “I want to hit some home runs into them.”

For that matter, he wanted to do the same on Monday in what might have been a particularly galling symbolic moment for the Royals, who had lost seven of their last eight and are in danger of making September irrelevant once again after their promising post-All-Star break run.

But that potential PR crisis was averted for and by the Royals, who pounded the Rays 11-1 on Monday before about 5,000 fans as Myers went hitless in four at-bats and struck out twice.

And, no, he said, it wasn’t because he was uptight about playing here.

“I just had a bad game. Not seeing the ball well right now. Just struggling,” said Myers, who nonetheless still is hitting .296 with nine home runs and 39 RBIs. “I think it’s just going to come when it comes, you know?

“I don’t feel good at the plate, and that feeling will come back at some point. I’ll just work in the cage, and hopefully it will be back soon.”

Myers was back for the first time since he was part of the blockbuster trade last year that, among other pieces exchanged, brought James Shields and Wade Davis to the Royals.

He said he had no sense of the intense perception of some that the Royals never should have let him go.

“No, it was just a baseball trade, I don’t know people feel that way,” he said. “But it helped them. They got two good pitchers, so thought it was a good trade.”

Never mind that Davis often has struggled as Myers did Monday.

“It was cool to be back here,” he said, smiling and adding, “We got crushed, so it was tough, but it was cool to be back here and playing in front of these guys.”

He got mixed fan reaction, including mostly cheers his first time up and more boos than anything else his second, each of which might be seen as more negatively directed toward Royals management than toward him.

Fans “were kind of wearing me out in right field,” said Myers, adding, “I couldn’t really make out much of it.”

Just as in the end not too much could be made of his trip here, which had appeared to be teed up for another exasperating Royals moment.