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Chiefs’ Travis Kelce says safety Eric Berry looks ‘really good’

Travis Kelce was at Jamaal Charles’ camp.
Travis Kelce was at Jamaal Charles’ camp.

At Jamaal Charles’ annual youth football camp on Saturday, Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce reflected on another camp he worked recently: one in the name of safety Eric Berry, who largely has been out of public view since being diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in December.

While Kelce didn’t recall Berry participating in any physical activities at the camp, he said that Berry looked “really good, trust me” and that Berry was completely engaged in the operation.

It was unclear in the brief conversation with Kelce to which of Berry’s camps he was referring: April 26 in Knoxville, Tenn., or June 5 in North Kansas City. But Berry can be seen talking to campers in a photo dated April 26 on his Facebook page.

Kelce’s observation is the latest encouraging news about Berry. On the first day of the Chief’s organized team activities on May 26, coach Andy Reid summed up Berry’s condition thusly:

“Eric is doing well. He’s going to get his big end-of-the-school (year) exam down here. He’s been through all the treatments, so now the doctor is going to sit down with him and go over exactly what the results of all that are.

“So we don’t have that, and Eric doesn’t have that quite yet, but everything up to this point has point has been very positive from the doctor and from Eric. So I think we’re heading in the right direction with that.”

Earlier this week, Reid said Berry has yet to have his follow-up meeting with doctors.

Berry, 26, left the team in November after the Chiefs’ 24-20 loss to Oakland. After experiencing discomfort in his chest, he underwent testing that determined he had a mass in the right side of his chest that later was determined to be Hodgin lymphoma, which is considered to be highly curable.

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