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OK, this tattoo may be taking the Rally Mantis fun a bit too far

Rally Mantis Jr.
Rally Mantis Jr.

Although the Royals lost 3-0 to the Marlins in Miami on Wednesday night, the fact remains they have a 14-3 record since the first praying mantis appeared in the team’s dugout.

We’ve seen how the Royals have mourned the death of the first mantis, and how they’ve taken to the second one (Rally Mantis Jr.) that they captured in Detroit.

Mantis dolls have popped up. Fans have worn mantis masks to games. There have been plenty of mantis signs as well.

But this ... this is for life, man. And a praying mantis usually doesn’t make it through the winter.

I’m not sure if this is tattooed on Corey Williams, the Twitter user who shared this photo, or someone else. But Williams is from West Palm Beach, Fla., and it’s possible he’ll be at Thursday night’s Royals-Marlins game. So maybe he’ll or someone else will get to show off the tattoo on TV.

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