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Bill Self delivers motivational speech to KU football team

This is a pretty good motivational speaker for any team.

Kansas basketball coach Bill Self spoke to the Jayhawks’ football team, and Time Warner Sports Channel shared video of the meeting on Thursday.

Self told the players: “Nothing excites the start of every school year more than the football team being successful. Nothing helps our basketball team win more, not that year, but the following year because we bring our recruits in to show off our football team.

“So get this in your head: We want you to win and win big.”

Self acknowleged that the basketball team, which has won 12 straight Big 12 titles, is on a different level than the football team, which lost all 12 games of its season last year.

“Our job is to maintain,” Self said. “You know what your job is? To build. Now, deep in your core, if you’re worth your salt at all, would it mean more to you to be a builder or a maintainer?

“Think about it. Being a builder means maybe going 0-12 your first year because you don’t have as many bullets. But being a builder is developing a culture, how you’re going to work, how responsible you’re going to be, how hard you’re going to study film, how good leadership you’re going to have, are we going to pick each other up, how good a teammate you’re going to be. That’s the culture. That’s how you have a program.”

You can watch his talk here:

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