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Judge rules man who left puppy in hot car at Royals game can’t own a dog

Here is the puppy saved from a hot car at a Royals game.
Here is the puppy saved from a hot car at a Royals game. Special to the Star

Joshua Bluford of Tulsa, Okla., will never be able to do this again.

In June, Royals fans Michael Warner and Josh Lee left a day game early at Kauffman Stadium, and as they headed to their car heard the cries of a puppy that had been left in a vehicle. With the help of the Royals, the fans were able to get the dog out of the car.

“We just followed the whimpering where we heard it and there he was,” Lee recalled at the time. “He was happy. God, he was happy to see us.”

The puppy was later taken into Kauffman Stadium, then to the Kansas City Pet Project, where it was adopted out.

The city of Kansas City started an investigation, and found that the dog had belonged to Bluford.

Bluford, 20, was in Kansas City municipal court on Tuesday and he pleaded guilty to failure to provide adequate animal care. He was assessed a $48.50 fine (which he paid) and sentenced to 180 days in jail SES (suspended execution of sentence), two years probation and 90 hours community service and ordered not to own a dog while on probation.

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