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That story of Prince dominating in basketball? It was true

Dave Chappelle as Prince.
Dave Chappelle as Prince.

In the hours after the legendary musician Prince died in April, a series of tweets appeared that must have seem unusual to those unfamiliar with this story.

“Want Some Pancakes?” and “Game, Blouses” were two of the more popular.

Those were in reference to “Chappelle’s Show,” the former Comedy Central show that included “True Hollywood Stories” from Charlie Murphy, who is Eddie Murphy’s brother.

Charlie Murphy would narrate a story and Dave Chappelle and others would enact the scenes he was describing. One of the best was a tale of Charlie and Eddie Murphy who met Prince at club. He asked if they wanted to go to his house when the club closed. Once there, Prince asked if they wanted to play basketball.

The game pit the Murphy brothers and others, who were given gym clothes, against Prince and his friends, who were in the clothes they wore to the club.

Charlie Murphy laughed as the recounted the story, but said Prince dominated. After the game, Prince asked if the guests wanted pancakes. It is a truly funny skit, which you can watch here (there is explicit language).

Turns out, it was all true, even the frilly clothes. Jerry Bembry of The Undefeated talked with musician Micki Free, who was Prince’s friend and teammate in the game. Free said Prince was a great player.

“They checked the ball to me, I gave it to Prince and he went to work,” Free told Bembry. “You know that one move where (Steph) Curry dribbles up and they got him covered, but he steps back behind the 3-point line and hits nothing but net? That was Prince.”

OK, but what about the pancakes?

“It was just like they showed on TV,” Free told Bembry. “His chef served us blueberry pancakes, for real!”


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