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Royals, Sporting KC will let fans play Pokemon at next home games

Pokemon Go is displayed on a smartphone.
Pokemon Go is displayed on a smartphone. Bloomberg

Toby Cook has noticed a strange phenomenon as he leaves work lately.

Cook, the Royals vice president of publicity, said in the last week something strange has been happening around the Truman Sports Complex.

“We have witnessed personally at closing time around the complex cars that have driven slowly,” Cook said. “We can only assume it’s because of Pokemon.”

Ah, yes. Even if you don’t play it, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Pokemon Go, the game which has captured much of the nation’s attention (heck, it’s swept the world).

If you are unaware of the game, this video is a good explainer:

The new app Pokemon Go is attracting people all over the nation. Some players were gathered in Nash Square in downtown Raleigh, N.C., on the morning of July 11, and explained how to play the game. Nintendo's first major foray into the mobile app s

Pokemon Go is so popular that the Royals and Sporting Kansas City will have PokeStops at their next games. In fact people were playing Pokemon Go in Children’s Mercy Park at last Sunday’s Sporting KC game, said Jonathan Kaplan, the team’s communications manager.

And Sporting will again be ready for Pokemon Go players before its match against Seattle on July 24. That game starts at 2 p.m., but fans who bought a special ticket will be allowed into Sprint Plaza at 11 a.m. to battle, as Kaplan put it.

Kaplan said that a PokeStop is located near the Champion’s Wall at Children’s Mercy Park, and fans will have access to sections 101 and 102 and the bridge on top of the wall to collect creatures.

The Pokemon Go fun* will also take place at Kauffman Stadium when the Royals return home on Monday to face the Cleveland Indians.

*I’m not sure that’s the right word

Cook said people there gems near the Truman Sports Complex, but bigger prizes will await inside Kauffman Stadium when the next homestand begins. There will be six PokeStops and an Arena inside the stadium. Just be careful of foul balls if you’re playing the game during the game (if that makes sense).

“We will probably see how things go before we talk about any policies we may have to institute,” Cook said.

UPDATE: On Friday, the Royals tweeted this:

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