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Happy ending to the Chris Pratt, Chris Evans Super Bowl wager

Twitter screenshot

This Twitter “feud” had a happy ending.

A few weeks ago, actors Chris Pratt (“Parks and Recreation” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”) and Chris Evans (“Captain America”) made a Super Bowl wager.

If Pratt’s favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks, won Super Bowl XLIX, then Evans would visit a children’s hospital in Seattle. If Evans’ Patriots took title, then Pratt would visit a Boson children’s hospital -- dressed as his character in “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Pratt was more than happy to pay up:

The cool thing is Evans will still pay a visit to the Seattle children’s hospital:

It’s almost like these guys are friends, right? Well, maybe they are now, because Pratt’s wife, Anna Farris, tweeted this:

Even Hawkeye took note of the bet between Marvel “superheroes.”

And while this has nothing to do with the wager, here are two tweets from Farris about her husband talking about the Seahawks with TV reporters.

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